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Black Friday Links - No Tramplings Here!

We finish out Old Beer Spot Week in style, with help from an SLGT loyalist. And we set up next week's video theme. And we're not shopping today because fuck it, people are crazy.

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Know how you avoid Black Friday shopping? Get schedule for work starting at 8pm on Thanksgiving night, with the shift ending at 4am on Black Friday morning. AND I'll get time-and-a-half for it. I WIN, FOOLS.


  • The Dan Kelly file at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto includes a printed copy of this St. Louis Game Time post by Brad Lee from February 2009. THAT is fucking cool. [Twitter / @STLBluesHistory]
  • Episode 62 of Beyond Checkerdome hit the shelves last night. We talked about beer, 62's four Blues games from last week, a certain dipshit from the Denver Post, the HHoF Class of 2014, recent deaths from the hockey world and more. I mentioned something about Martin Brodeur, which was amazing considering this was recorded before Brian Elliott even got injured. #Foreshadowing! [SLGT]
  • The Guelph Storm are languishing at the bottom of what's probably the toughest division in the OHL, but it's not the fault of Blues prospect Robby Fabbri, that's for damn sure. He netted his third hat trick in seven games last night. [SLGT FanShots]


  • For all your news, notes and #FancyStats on the Oilers, check out The Copper & Blue, SBN's Oilers site. They're covering a team that's been making some headlines as of late. [The Copper & Blue]
  • And as luck would have it, the Oilers played last night against the Predators in Nashville . . . how bad are the Oilers lately? The Predators handed the Edmonton side their eighth straight defeat last night. Really, that scares the shit out of me as a Blues fan going into tonight's game. [National Post]


  • That Edmonton-Nashville game was, in fact, the only game of the night last night in the NHL. I guess the league doesn't have the balls to compete with a shitty Seahawks-49ers game. [ 11/27/14]
  • Eleven hockey-like substances tomorrow. Including one you might know about. BUY A PAPER. [ 11/28/14]
  • Before that Preds game, Mike Fisher (aka "Mr. Underwood") was activated from injured reserve. He was in the lineup last night. [USA Today]
  • Not one, but TWO suspensions yesterday . . . first, as expected, Ryan Garbutt of the Stars got two games for kneeing Oilers young star Taylor Hall on Tuesday . . . yeah, I'd say he earned that one. []
  • Then, St. Louis-born Jets forward Adam Lowry (as noted, the son of former Blues forward Dave Lowry) got one game for boarding Sabres asshole Patrick Kaleta from behind on Wednesday. []
  • What the Puck Daddy staff is thankful for, hockey-wise. [Puck Daddy]
  • What certain NHL executives, coaches, teams and players have to be thankful for, according to Eye on Hockey. Martin Brodeur makes the list. :-/ [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Could 3-on-3 overtime be coming to the NHL? (MY ANSWER: OH GOD PLEASE YES) [USA Today]
  • Puck Daddy rounded up some friends of theirs outside the site and asked them what they're thankful for, hockey-wise, as well. Our Managing Editor makes an appearance (Well done, Laura!) [Puck Daddy]


  • Thanksgiving means football. There were three games. The Bears, Cowboys and 49ers all fucked the fuck up. [USA Today]
  • If you fried your turkey this year, hopefully none of them ended up like this. [Gizmodo / Sploid]
  • When you train a dog poorly to be a K-9 cop, don't be surprised if you think he's going to suck at it. [Y! / AP]


To close out Old Beer Spot Week, we get a fancy quartet from I_AM_SPARTACUS. First, Pabst Blue Ribbon:

Then, Iron City Beer:

Then, Schlitz (and a slogan that fits perfectly with the "A Joke By Ingmar Bergman" MST3K skit I posted a couple weeks back):

And finally, Schaefer . . . and horrible jazz:

Your theme next week is to find clips from movies directed by Christopher Guest. Like this one, from A Mighty Wind (even though Harry Shearer is obviously stealing the show here):

J-Mill has your weekend. Be kind and send him links and videos: