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Saturday Links: Conference III Belt Day

The Blues get a chance to lift The Belt tonight.

Two of these guys scored guys last night. Two of these guys are Olympians. One of these guys is good.
Two of these guys scored guys last night. Two of these guys are Olympians. One of these guys is good.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Pietrangelo is a damn beast.


  • T.J. Oshie had three points, but Vladimir Tarasenko won the whole thing as the Blues pulled out the 4-3 overtime win over the Edmonton Oilers. Jeremy Rutherford didn't pass out after the game, so he recaped it for you. He also probably didn't have to spend his day with Black Friday customers, so X-P [STLToday]
  • How did the Edmontonians feel about it all? Well, I'm glad I pretended that you asked! [Copper & Blue]
  • Hey, should the Blues extend a contract to Martin Bro-NO OF COURSE NOT! Blogger/lead columnist emeritus Average Joe tells you why Martin Brodeur should be thrown back on the heap, just in case you needed it explained. [SLGT]
  • Although it sounds like he won't be on the ice tonight, Jay Bouwmeester is inching closer to his return, and could make it early next week. [Frozen Notes]
  • The Blues are traveling on the second half of a back-to-back tonight in Minnesota, but funny enough so are the Wild. They played a crazy game last night in Dallas where they built a 3-0 lead over half way through the 2nd period...then went into intermission 3-3. The Stars then scored their 4th consecutive goal to pull ahead, but Thomas Vanek tied it, and Zach Parise won it in overtime to seal the 5-4 win. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • And an extra special treat: tonight will be the Blues' first crack at the Conference III Title Belt. The Blues held it for the most games longest period of time last season, but Minnesota has been wearing it proudly ever since demolishing the Avalanche on opening night, going 6-0-0 against Central division teams. For all you who need a refresher course, here's the history of The Belt. [III Communication]
  • Who won games last night? [ 11/28]
  • 12 games tonight including Stars-Avs, one of which will finally get their first divisional win of the year. But be sure not to check out from hockey after the Blues-Wild game is over! Your late night pick is Ducks-Sharks! Oh...and I guess Those Fuckers Up North against Those Assholes Out West. [ 11/29]
  • The Buffalo Sabres don't get very many highlights these days, but Tyler Ennis may have scored the best goal you'll see all season - and yes, I'm including Vova's. Good goddamn! If you click one link today, make it this one! (Also, click more links.) Buffalo ended up beating the Canadiens[Puck Daddy]
  • Jakub Voracek of the Philadelphia Flyers is becoming a true star in the NHL. [SBNation]
  • Too bad that didn't help Philly score yesterday, as the Rangers beat the Flyers 3-0 in the Annual NHL Traditional Thanksgiving Showdown That Takes Place The Day After Thanksgiving And Has Been Going On For 4 Years Only One Of Those Was A Lockout Year So Actually This Was The First Time It Was Annual. (They had to shorten that for promotional purposes.) [Blueshirt Banter]
  • In that game, Martin St. Louis scored his 1,000th point - the 5th active player to do so. [The Hockey News]
  • In other news, Corey Perry is a dick mole. And his being a dick mole didn't even help his team beat the Blackhawks, as Chicago still won 4-1. Double dick mole! [The Committed Indian]
  • The Vancouver Canucks walloped the Blue Jackets 5-0, making them the *gasp* number one team in the NHL standings. (?!?!?) I knew they'd bounce back this season, but they've been spectacular so far. Amazing what happens when you bring in a Vezina-winning goalie and don't try to coach him into playing an entirely different style than he has his entire life. [J-MILL ducks a thousand shoes being thrown at him at once.] [Pass It To Bulis]
  • Our old target practice pal Eric Brewer was traded yesterday from the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for a 3rd round pick. Domo arigato, Captain Roboto. Domo arigato indeed. [Raw Charge]
  • Jon Bois used to work at RadioShack. Apparently it was far worse than you could possibly imagine. [SBNation]
  • Is there someone on your Christmas list that loves science? Some gift ideas for scientists of all ages! A holiday shopping Science Saturday! [mental_floss]
  • It's been a rough time for St. Louis...but that doesn't mean we don't all have reasons to be thankful in this city. [Riverfront Times]

Today, November 29th, Pavol Demitra would have been 40 years old.

Is that what ALL games looked like before HD?

Oh...*ahem*...STAR WARS EPISODE 7 TEASER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It might end up being shitty like the prequels, but if you're not excited for this movie, then fuck you.

And finally, it's technically still November, but Christmas music is awesome the best and I only get so many link days with you, so time to break out the holiday song series! But I don't want to offend anyone...

Send me things for tomorrow, which I will do. I swear. For real, you guys.
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The "Wild" is a terrible team name.