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Tarasenko Named First Star of the Week by NHL

If you are surprised by this, you haven't been watching much hockey this season. Tarasenko is the tank the Blues are jumping on to ride through this misery of pestilence and injuries.

Ronald Martinez

The NHL named their three stars of the week for last week and Vladimir Tarasenko was given the 1st star for his outstanding play last week:

  • 1st career hat trick
  • 1st four point game
  • 1st career overtime goal

He is also the only St. Louis Blues player in the top 30 points total with 11 (tied with Rick Nash and fellow Russian Alex Ovechkin).

He is also the second player wearing the Blue Note this season to be awarded the first star of the week.  The previous St. Louis Blues' recipient was Jaden Schwartz.

Here is the player usage chart for the non-goalie players who have received first stars of the week so far this season.  Yes, that is Tarasenko in the lower right playing sheltered minutes.  Glad to see Hitch exploiting the Blues' opponents by using Tarasenko in those situations.  It is a bit too soon to see if Tarasenko's play will be sustainable, but we'll take a look at that soon enough.

player usage chart 1st stars