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Sunday Links: Deserve's Got Nothing to Do With It

Blues win, Bouw's still out, and the mumps move east. Happy Patrick Swayze Christmas!

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues got out possessed, out shot, and out played. But after the shootout, it was the Wild who got out scored.

2 points is 2 points*.

*Although shootout wins a slightly less because of tiebreakers. But who gives a shit at this point?


  • The Note topped the...uhhh...outdoors? In any case, they did it 3-2 in the shootout behind the strength of Jake Allen and Vladimir Tarasenko. Let me tell you more: [SLGT]
  • How did The State of HockeyTM see things? [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Oh hey look at that, Zach Parise is a little whiny bitch who doesn't like physical hockey and is willingly blind to his own team's shenanigans. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Vladi and Jori Lehtera are good together. Like, really good. [CBS Sports]
  • Yesterday I mentioned that Jay Bouwmeester was inching closer to returning? Well, apparently he took a step back, because yesterday he was place on IR (retroactively). To cover, Petteri Lindbohm has been recalled from Chicago. [Blues]
  • Jake Allen played both the last two nights, but don't worry: he's no strangers to back-to-back starts. [STLToday]
  • What do the announcers for the New Jersey Devils have to say about Martin Brodeur potentially playing for the Blues? Someone asked both his former teammate Ken Daneyko and Devils radio voice Matt Loughlin. Mike Mazzarone gets a sticktap for sending in his own work. [Alternative Nation]
  • There were a lot of games yesterday, and none of them are still going. [ 11/29]
  • The only game today however is Vancouver-Detroit at 1:00 central. [ 11/30]
  • The Mumps have now infiltrated the Eastern Conference, as the Rangers' Tanner Glass has come down with the NHL epidemic. Clearly, Gary Bettman has failed as a leader for neglecting to shutdown all air travel to and from conferences suffering this mumps outbreak. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Colorado Avalanche got their first division win of the season over the Dallas Stars, who have yet to win a division game, last night 5-2...but the only thing you need to know is that an Avs defenseman kicked a puck into his own net. [SBNation]
  • Remember how awful the Buffalo Sabres are? Well, they just won their 5th game in 6 after sweeping the Canadiens in a home-and-home weekend. Your move, Edmonton. [Die by the Blade]
  • The Maple Leafs don't get very many things right as an organization, but their tribute to the recently deceased Pat Quinn was spot on. [The Hockey News]
  • Which NFL games are on in your neck of the woods? [506 Sports]
  • Why doesn't the Academy Awards make more room for great, entertaining movies to compete for Best Picture? LEGO MOVIE FOR BEST PICTURE!!! [Variety]
  • Ray Rice won his appeal the other day and is technically eligible again to play in the NFL. He will not do so this season, I'm sure. [The Score]
  • Big Ten football is known for all of the rivalry trophies, but with all of the expansions in recent years, newer matchups haven't been able to match the history of many of the decades-old prizes...until a Twitter war between Minnesota and Nebraska yielded the $5 Bits of Broken Chair trophy. The 21st century is awesome, you guys! [SBNation]

The greatest Christmas carol every written...or at least the greatest one written on the Satellite of Love.

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And it's Prospect Sunday - Robby Fabbri and Ty Rattie have been tearing it up, but what else is going on down on the farm? Let Brian fill you in later today!