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Blues At Devils Morning Open Thread: Streaking With 'Senko

The Blues have won five in a row as they're headed into Newark tonight. Can Vladimir Tarasenko keep up the scoring? Signs point to yes.


You're forgiven if you think that Vladimir Tarasenko is the Blues' offense right now, because for all intents and purposes, he kind of is. But wait!

What's that? A goal from the defense and an accident from Patrik Berglund? I'll take it. The last time the Blues were in New Jersey they got absolutely curbstomped 7-1 in a fluke of a game where the team wasn't just not on the same page, they weren't in the same book. Last night there were some hiccups, especially in the first period where the team got off a whopping four shots on goal, but they seemed to figure things out for the last two periods.Three periods of that effort will go a long way against the Devils tonight.

Jake Allen will start tonight for the Blues on the tail end of the back to back. The Devils are off to a strong 6-3-2 start this season, keeping pace with the 75% of the league with a winning record. Let's see if the Blues can do their part to introduce some parity into the league.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later on as CCR gives us our Road Music, or in tonight's case probably subway music. Head to In Lou We Trust to see what the opposition has to say about Vladi and the rest of the guys. Don't forget, puck drop is an early 6:30 one, so grab some frosty adult beverages on the way home from work.