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Thursday Links - Flipbooks and More MST3K

Plus, links and things. Also, let's all point and laugh at Jack Johnson (non-musician edition) for doing something stupid.

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Vladimir Tarasenko is playing tonight. Get ready, Hockey Internet.


  • The Blues play the Devils tonight at the DrinkScotch in the return match from Tuesday's game in Newark. Buy a paper if you're going. Best $4 you'll spend at the rink. Oh, and tip your vendor, you cheap fuck.
  • Nothing else really, but make sure you see today's first video. It is 15 seconds of awesome.
  • Alright, so there's this: USA Today put together their NHL All-Rookie Team at the one-month mark . . . and their goaltender is Jake Allen, which really shouldn't be much of a surprise, how he's played thus far. [USA Today]


  • Lou Lamoriello popped up on my laptop screen during Tuesday's game. I naturally flipped said laptop screen off, because seriously, fuck that guy. But if you want to read news from fans of a team that DO like Lou, go to the SB Nation home of the Devils, In Lou We Trust. [In Lou We Trust]


  • Three games last night, and they all had final scores. You can find them here. [ 11/05/14]
  • Ten games on the docket tonight. Including that one in St. Louis. I reiterate BUY A GAME TIME PAPER. [ 11/06/14]
  • Ryan Lambert takes on player discipline, Ducks goaltending, the Rangers' health, Johnny Hockey, puck luck and tanking in his most recent Power Rankings column. [Puck Daddy]
  • The NHL suspended Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson for three games for checking Hurricanes forward Jiri Tlusty in the head. So hey, let's all point and laugh at him! HAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! []
  • There's a report that Sean Avery quit his gig on an off-Broadway play because he was acting like a petulant child. If true, just SUCH a fucking shock. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Speaking of pointing and laughing . . . why the fuck did the Penguins give Marc-Andre Fleury a 4-year $23MM extension? I dunno, but they did! Oh, this is gonna be a joy come playoff time . . . [PensBurgh]
  • Meanwhile, the Blackhawks unveiled their Winter Classic sweater. And I know this is blasphemous, but . . . I kinda like it. But seriously, fuck those people. [Second City Hockey]
  • And speaking of teams I hate but news I like . . . late Tuesday night, the Red Wings issued a statement from Gordie Howe's family updating everyone on his condition since his stroke. They say he's doing better. Great news. [Red Wings]
  • Speaking of the Red Wings . . . Mike Babcock wants you to know he was not pleased with a non-call last night. In a related matter, I have the smallest violin playing his sorrows for him . . . even if he happens to probably be right. [Puck Daddy]
  • Also speaking of the Red Wings . . . they got scored on by the ass of Rick Nash . . . notice that I didn't say Rick Nash is an ass, though that is probably true too. Anyway, Nash was also prominent in the non-call referenced above. [SB Nation / Lookit]
  • When Paul Coffey calls, people tend to listen. Cyril Bollers is one of those people. And because of that, he is now an assistant with the Pickering Panthers of the OHL. [Color of Hockey]
  • Staying with the OHL . . . Jake Marchment (nephew of Bryan) and Greg Betzold were both suspended 15 games for incredibly shitty comments they made on Tinder. Boy, how are they gonna explain THAT one to their parents? [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • The NHL is telling people they don't believe teams are tanking for Connor McDavid, proving that they, like most of North America, aren't watching Sabres games either. [Toronto Star]
  • Young Flyers forward Michael Raffl is out six weeks with a lower body injury. Austria weeps. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]


  • Want a Super Bowl at your home stadium, Mr. or Ms. NFL Owner? Give up a home game to London first! This is so fucking stupid. #FireGoodell [Deadspin / Twitter]
  • The Dutch don't want people pissing on their royal palace anymore. Well, I mean, y'know, of course. [Y! / AP]


First, a flipbook from a guy that makes flipbooks, of the goal by Vladimir Tarasenko on Monday. By a guy who admitted he's not a hockey fan. It is amazing. (S/T to long-time SLGT reader Shawn C., though apparently this has been ALL over the internet in the last couple days and I guess I missed it until now):

Wow. Wow wow wow wow WOW.

So how do I follow THAT up? Well . . . again, our video theme this week involves MST3K clips. Well, I have a couple more Top Five lists for you, related to the show. First, the worst songs ever aired on the show:


And then, the worst dialogue deliveries from any movie on the show:

Double ouch.

Your links and MST3K videos go . . . here:

We recorded Episode 59 of Beyond Checkerdome a day late, so it may not be up until tomorrow. But it'll get to you eventually! We'll let you know.