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Devils At Blues Morning Open Thread: Home And Home Wraps Up

The Blues can add to their already impressive winning streak, and Vladimir Tarasenko can add to his already impressive points total tonight when the Devils come to St. Louis.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Vladimir Tarasenko as seven of the Blues' last 12 goals. Let that sink in for a moment.

It's an amazing fete. It's also concerning, because that means that the rest of the team is going through one of their trademark scoring droughts, which basically happens about once a month. Or twice, depending on how many games there are in that month. Unfortunately, November's a long month for the team, so don't expect goals to mysteriously start flying into the net at a breakneck pace for about another game or two, especially against a Devils team that can smother an offense.

Of course, an offensive boost by the name of "Paul Stastny" could go a long way to encouraging players who are not Vladimir Tarasenko to score. Will that be tonight? It could be, it could not. An extra day's rest may help Stastny a bit; I haven't heard either way if his return will be tonight or later, but it's soon, so hold your horses.

This is your morning open thread. Chat up about how much you want to buy a copy of Game Time tonight, and say hi to the good folks at In Lou We Trust, who are probably sick of us by now. Check back in a little while for some Memorabilia Memories, a game preview, some other goodies, and a gameday thread shortly before puckdrop.