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Tonight's Game Time Paper: Devils At Blues

You can now get tonight's Game Time paper online.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there, Blues fans. You want a sneak peek at tonight's Game Time paper now for sale outside the Scottrade Center? Well below here is the beginning of tonight's cover story:

Vladimir Tarasenko is the emerging right before our eyes.

If you took in the game on Tuesday, you probably heard Hitchcock's quip about how 91 can score in numerous ways. You've probably played the clip of Tarasenko undressing the New York defense for a goal with a finishing move that Kent Nilsson brought to popularity and actually put former Blues goalie coach Corey Hirsch on a stamp.

For the uninformed, Peter Forsberg used that move in a shootout to score what ended up being the winning goal in the 1994 Olympic Gold Medal Game (The more you know!). Hirsch did not allow his name to be placed on his jersey when that moment became a stamp in Sweden. We've seen Tarasenko score off the rush on sweet set-ups from Jori Lehtera. The hat trick goal on a power play against Dallas in overtime? That shit was just a grip it and rip it one-timer on a dish from Kevin Shattenkirk. Be it wristers, slappers, set pieces, off the rush, special teams, or making magic happen by himself, Vladimir Tarasenko is proving he'll be more than just a temporary flurry of goals.

He's not reliant on picking corners like Brad Boyes was during his 76 goal outburst over two seasons. He doesn't have just the one move where he curls up from the goal line in order to wheel around the faceoff dot like Lee Stempniak did when he started to emerge in the 2006-07 season. You'll also see Tarasenko getting involved in the physical play more often than not, which is far better than Dutchie and Mr. High and Wide ever did.

You like that? You like stats you can't find anywhere else? Our cartoon? Our jokes? You know you want it. And now you don't have to go downtown to buy the paper. You can get it right here on our secure server.

Check it out. And if you're interested in a subscription, email me at Subscribing via email is the most cost effective way to get the paper. Plus every playoff issue is free.