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Beyond Checkerdome 59: A Hoggan And A Hero

Another Episode of Beyond Checkerdome - we're going streaking !!!

Hitch must not be a Who fan ... The Kids Are Alright
Hitch must not be a Who fan ... The Kids Are Alright
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

When you guys last heard from us, we were just thrilled to have beat Chicago with a depleted roster. Who could've thunk that we'd be looking at 5 more wins in a row, despite the injuries and illnesses continuing? In this week's show, we talk about one of the more obscure Blues in team history, but also the amazing Vladimir Tarasenko (the exact opposite of obscure). Listen to us fanboy out to the Tarasenko trilogy that unfolded during this streak. And, of course, the usual tangents and tomfoolery.

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE.

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One note from the show. After doing a little research, the last streak like this was just last year - who knew? From 12/28/2013 through 01/09/2014, the Blues won 7 in a row. Streaks come and go, so let's enjoy this one while it lasts, eh?

Also, how can you not LOVE this guy?


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