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Be Entered To Win Tickets To Tuesday's Blues Game

All you have to do is subscribe to the Game Time paper

Jen Fuller

Hello friends. I come on here rather regularly to offer my wares to you. I have people who stand on street corners selling my products. It's quite the operation going on. Always hustling. But this time I have something to offer you.

So we do the Game Time paper. It's 24 pages of hockey goodness. For hardcore Blues fans, put together by hardcore fans. We sell it outside the building. We also post a link to get it every home game on this little corner of cyberspace. And we offer a subscription through email. I charge $2 an issue and I email out the PDF the day of the game, usually several hours before. Oh, and playoff issues are always free as a bonus for subscribing the whole year.

Well now I've got an incentive. If you subscribe between right now, this very moment and 7 p.m. CST on Sunday, Nov. 9, you will be entered into a drawing for two free Blues tickets for Tuesday night, Nov. 11 against Buffalo. So for subscribing and getting 34 fresh issues of Game Time (I'll email you all the previous issues so far this season gratis) and all playoff issues, you could go to a game where the Blues realistically could score double digits in goals.

So obviously a few ground rules. None of the writers of Game Time are eligible because that would look like cheating. And I probably can't give tickets to my family (sorry kids!). But other than that, it's wide open. And if you've subscribed so far this year, first, God bless you. Second, you're in the drawing too. Deal?

How do you subscribe? Email me and I'll give you the details. My address? It's gtbradlee at gmail dot com.

Thanks for reading and good luck.