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Beyond Checkerdome #64: Old School

The newest episode of Beyond Checkerdome is ready to class this joint up !!!

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So, we got to see Martin Brodeur in net for a few games, and the world didn't end. Who could've seen that coming?

This week, we spend a lot of the show looking backwards. We cover the last week in games, including the launching of the Brodeur era in St Louis. Then we look a little further back, to the lone #64 in Blues history - Nikita Nikitin . We go back further yet to give a tip of the hat to the late great Jean Beliveau. Along the way, we do our best to dispel a few persistent  narratives, second-guess the Department of Player Safety, crack a few jokes, and butcher the French language. Ah well, our hearts are in the right place anyway.

Give it a listen, eh?

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Thanks everyone, and Cheers!

- Tim / CrossCheckRaise

- Tyler / DonutKing