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Blues At Avalanche Morning Open Thread: No Brodeur vs. Roy

It's success over storyline tonight with Jake Allen getting the start in Denver.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Since Martin Brodeur was signed by the Blues, there have been a few questions. Can he still play? Will he hold up? How long will he be there? One question that I've seen asked a few times is this: will he get to play against Patrick Roy and the Avalanche? The NHL's two greatest goaltenders squaring off, even if one is now a coach, is always a storyline.

It's one that is going to have to wait. Tonight's starter will be Jake Allen, who was watching from the bench during the Blues' 3-2 shootout win back on November 1st against the Avs. Ken Hitchcock's reasoning is this (in an interview with Jeremy Rutherford):

"(Allen) really gave us an opportunity when we were killing the penalty early in the game and when we were killing a penalty late in the game," Hitchcock said. "I think he did a heck of a job. We want to reward that."

What were you expecting, "people are saying that Allen's psyche is very very wounded by Brodeur being here and we want to put a stop to that narrative before it becomes true?"

Tonight is Paul Stastny's return to Colorado after leaving the team this summer as a UFA to sign with the Blues. They're catching him at the wrong time - he seems to finally be fully healthy after his shoulder injury, and has four goals in the Blues' last three games.

This is your morning open thread. Check back a little later on for your Road Music and gameday thread. While you're waiting, head over to Mile High Hockey and see what the good folks over there have to say about the return of Stastny.