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Sunday Open Bar - A Steve Ott Christmas Miracle

click things, now that I can bring you things to click

"ooOOOOOoooo, that's what scoring a goal feels like!"
"ooOOOOOoooo, that's what scoring a goal feels like!"
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that certainly sucked, didn't it?

  • The Blues lost a lead in the final bit of the 3rd period, then lost the game in over time by the score of 3-2 to the San Jose Sharks. If you care to relive it or you just missed the thing, your recap last night was handled by Ashley, aka, RealBadRobot....wait, that's her actual screen name...I guess I'm rusty, I haven't done one of those jokes in a while. [SLGT]
  • They don't have a recap up yet, but if they do it'll be good, because our SBNation brethren & sister-en at FtF are pretty cool. Just, you know...fuck their team. [Fear the Fin]
  • There were other games last night too - and a whole lot of goals. [ 12/20]
  • 6 games today, but the only kind of interesting one is the tattered remnants of the Avalanche-Red Wings rivalry. [ 12/21]
  • How has the fanciest of stats helped us change how we look at goalies? C&BFan passes along this great in-depth look at goaltender analytics.  []
  • When Vladimir Tarasenko first burst onto the scene in the 2013 lockout season, he was named the NHL rookie of the month. To celebrate, his homeland newspaper ran a fantastic piece about his early development and his life in Russia, complete with several great childhood pictures! (Don't worry, it's in English.) Huge sticktap to Childhood Trauma. [Siberian Times]
  • I-L-L... [The Champaign Room]
  • Love drinking beer, but hate getting you scraggly, manly mustache wet? You're in luck - presenting, the Whisker Dam! [Food Beast]

Happy holidays from Charles Glenn & the St. Louis Blues!

Now that my Internet connection has returned, I'll be linking for you for the next few days. I've been stocking up on a few things in my time off, but please send me more if you find something!
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