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Monday Lunch Links: When There's Trouble You Call D.W.

Would you like a side of clicks with that?

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Apologies for the lateness - getting seasonal hours at work somehow means I have less waking free time at home than I have here at the store.

  • Yesterday was Prospect Sunday - did you miss it? You sonofa...well, you're in luck because I've got them right here for you. [SLGTSLGT]
  • Army doesn't think the Blues will be too active in the trade market, which is a bold statement coming from the guy in charge of making trades. [Frozen Notes]
  • Hey, did you know there were hockey games yesterday? There were, I promise. [ 12/21]
  • 6 games tonight, including 2 big Pacific matchups with Sharks-Ducks and Flames-Kings. [ 12/22]
  • Ilya Bryzgalov 's mask is the terror that flaps in the night...his mask is DARKWING DUCK! [Puck Daddy]
  • The Future Gold Medal US World Junior squad is nearly complete after another round of cuts following the Americans' 5-2 exhibition win over Germany last night. [SBNCollege Hockey; SBNCollege Hockey]
  • Children's movies these days lack proper morals...that's why they must be reviewed by the one person who truly understands what kids should be learning - screw Dr. Seuss, clearly I'm talking about Ayn Rand. [The New Yorker]


Okay, the video embed-er isn't working right on this work computer, so here are links to YouTube vids.

  • First, if you've been listening to Serial, you're probably begging for more. So Saturday Night Live did their own "one story, told week by week" covering the greatest Christmas mystery of all... [YouTube]
  • Next, learn the origins of a bunch of holiday season traditions. Let's say...oh, 16? John Green & mental_floss to the rescue! [YouTube]

Send me more links, because it's the season for giving, goddamnit!

Tomorrow is the glorious day known as I will post literally anything Seinfeld related you send me!