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Last Second Gifts For Blues Fans

Have a Blues fan you still need to buy for? Here are a couple of ideas.

It's Dec. 23. You probably have some gifts yet to buy. If you're on this site, you like the Blues. Or the person you're buying a present for likes the Blues. Here are two good ideas, in my opinion. I'm sure there are ore. You could go buy Blues tickets or a jersey or whatever. And then there's these two ideas.

Buy "Gateway City Puckchasers"


If you call yourself a fan of St. Louis hockey, does your breadth of knowledge include teams before the St. Louis Blues? Do you know about the Eagles? What about the Braves? Remember the Vipers? Well do you?

For the first time, an author has compiled the important statistics, the historical photos and the stories from the last 100 years of hockey in St. Louis. It's a one-of-a-kind book that any hardcore hockey fan in St. Louis would enjoy.

This is author Darrin Wernig's second book. You can go to his website to find out how to order the paperback or the electronic copy.

Subscribe to "Game Time"

So Game Time isn't just a website. It started out and still is a paper we sell outside every Blues home game. Every home game we publish 24 pages of stats, analysis, humor and lots of other stuff including a cool cartoon, a puzzle and more. We're a group of hardcore fans that puts out a quality publication that doubles as a program for the game. The rosters pages even has salaries so you know how many million the third-line center is making.

Did you know we have an email subscription? The paper costs $4 an issue outside the stadium. You can subscribe via email for just $2 a copy. And the best part is playoff games are free no matter how many games they play. There are 25 home games left, so for $50 you get the paper for every game left on the schedule plus the postseason. Hours of enjoyment, as long as the Blues are still playing well.

You can email me for more information at gtbradlee (at) gmail (dot) com or PayPal payment to gametimehlee (at) gmail (dot) com.

And if you still don't know what to get the Blues fan on your list, try a nice Blues scarf or something. Just don't get a gift card.

Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus and Happy Holidays.