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Beyond Checkerdome #66: "Merry Christmas...."

From your friends at Beyond Checkerdome: Merry Christmas! Shitter Was Full!

Thank God the holiday break is here....
Thank God the holiday break is here....

Hello again, friends and listeners! We hope you have the best of the holiday season, regardless of your particular flavor of celebration. The past week's worth of games started pretty good, but the end was pretty craptacular. There may be some changes in the league in the upcoming year, due to the Canadian dollar and especially the ruble taking a dump lately. Emonton continues to swirl the drain, and flushed their coach. If the Blues' road record doesn't improve, the shit's going to hit the fan. Sensing a theme here?

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE.

Thanks again for listening, and we hope you're having a great holiday break. We hope you got everything that you were asking for!

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