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Blues At Blackhawks Morning Open Thread: Marty Rides The Pine

Tonight's Wednesday Night Rivalry game is actually a rivalry game, but there's more to talk about than that.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It's always nice when a Wednesday Nigh Rivalry game on NBCSN is made up of actual rivals. It's even nicer when it's a pair of Western Conference teams that absolutely hate each other's guts.

Tonight's Blues/Blackhawks game fits that bill.

The Blues have played the Hawks well during the regular season, but the best games have come at home. In Chicago they're 0-5-0 in their last five games courtesy of a lethal combo of an excellent well oiled machine of a team and a loud, loud Madhouse. The Hawks may not've gotten off to the most solid of starts this season, but they just finished a roadtrip going 5-1 with a three-game winning streak.

Jake Allen starts tonight, but rest assured that the NBCSN announcers will take a break from mispronouncing Blues players' names to talk about someone they're very familiar with: Martin Brodeur. In case you haven't heard and you live in a hole, Marty signed with the Blues yesterday. You will be seeing him a lot tonight, sitting on the bench in a jersey that'll look weird with a strange ballcap on his head.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later for some kick ass road music from CCR and some various and sundry Brodeur-updates about how much Ken Hitchcock loves him or something. While you're waiting for puck drop, say hi to our friends at Second City Hockey, who are probably laughing at us signing Methuselah. At least the Blues have a pair of healthy netminders right now, so that's something - right?