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Beyond Checkerdome #63: Devil With a Blue Note On

The latest episode is up and ready to start in net, too...

Draw Me ... draw me like your French-Canadian goalies ....
Draw Me ... draw me like your French-Canadian goalies ....
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Hoo boy, what a week it has been for Blues fans. First there was the game that we lost that we should have won... and by the end of the week we won a game that we might should have lost. In between we faced Edmonton, lost a goalie, and took a look at another. Spoiler Alert: it's Marty Brodeur! We try really hard to make it sound like a workable idea. Let us know how we did.  We also talk about some bad hits, and how hollow the Minnesota Wild are.

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE

We're looking forward to seeing how Marty is going to work out. Call it morbid curiosity, if nothing else.  In the meantime, thanks for letting us be part of your soundtrack to this wild and crazy season. Please let us know your thoughts- about the goaltending, the Blues, or just beer in general. Drop us a line at BeyondCheckerdome AT GMail DOT com. Also, there's twitter: @ByndCheckerdome. If you have a moment, please also visit our page on iTunes and leave a rating and/or review....


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