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Saturday Links: Midnight at the Oasis, High Noon on Long Island

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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Today's game begins at 12:00 noon central, which gives you an acceptable excuse to get day drunk...unless you're at work, like this schmuck here.


  • Our Great and Glorious Leader Hildy believe there's something wrong with this Blues team at the moment. Most people agree...though it seems not many agree what exactly it is and how to fix it. [SLGT]
  • Have a look at some Blues numbers thus far into the season. [SLGT]
  • Rumors are strongly linking the Bruins with some sort of deal for a Blues forward. So here's an interesting outsider's perspective on which Blues forwards are most likely to be dealt. He ultimately suggests Patrik Berglund for Loui Eriksson...sooo...ex-nay on Ergie-bay's ittiness-shay. Both CrossCheckRaise and Art Lippo sent this one along to me - sticktaps all around! [Along the Boards]
  • Are the Bruins and Blues trying to talk the Oilers into a three-way? I suggest bringing it up as a joke first to gauge their reaction, and if it sounds like they might be into it...proceed with caution. [Puck Drunk Love]
  • We need consistent defense from the STL Line? I mean yeah they've been lazy lately, especially Jori Lehtera, but that's not what we pay them to do is it? But better. Also in this one: Jake Allen will start today, and Jay Bouwmeester is still being held out. [STLToday]
  • Martin Brodeur is soooo old........ [SBNation NHL]
  • Find everything you need to know about the Islanders in 1983 at Lighthouse Hockey, as they get game ready. [LHH]
  • Jaroslav Halak has always been good. Now he's being very good. []
  • The Isle now have 3 defensemen on IR. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • None of last night's games had final scores. All 3 are still being played as we speak. I blame hybrid icing. (Oh, and apparently now you have to watch out for auto-play videos on these links. Damnit, Gary.) [ 12/5]
  • A big old 12 game slate today. Since we've got a matinee, after Jaro shuts us out this afternoon you can spend your Saturday night watching Blackhawks-Predators at 6 and Sharks-Flames at 9. Also, there are other games, but they all suck. [ 12/6]
  • Brandon Saad scored a game-winning goal with :27 left in the 3rd for my fantasy team Those Fuckers Up North to beat the Canadiens 4-3. [Second City Hockey]
  • The Colorado Avalanche - whom we get the pleasure of playing three times this month, by the way - got their whiny little asses handed to them 6-2 by the Jets - THE GODDAMN WINNIPEG JETS! And you thought we were seeing some shitty games! [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • "What's that? No, no way! I'm telling you, Thomas Vanek's gambling debt is TOTALLY not north of $10 million!" - Vanek's agent. (And yet, he's still far more likely to pay that off than I'll ever be to paying off my student loans.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Earlier this week, USA Hockey announced their camp invites for the upcoming World Juniors. Who were the surprise picks, and more importantly, who was snubbed by the inevitable future Gold Medal winners? [SBN College Hockey]
  • You've seen NFL logos redesigned as Disney characters, you've seen them redesigned as...well pretty much every damn thing. Now see them redesigned as dicks. Or don't if you're at work, NSFW. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
  • Despite being bowl eligible for the first time in years, Illinois might get screwed over and not get any game. Fuck the NCAA. [Dr. Saturday]
  • The MLS Cup Final is tomorrow, but many are already looking ahead to next season, when they'll be adding two new teams, New York City FC and Orlando City. And as is tradition, the SBNation family grows larger: please welcome Hudson River Blue and The Mane Land to the fold! [Hudson River BlueThe Mane Land]
  • You've been told that red wine is good for you, that it helps prevent cancer. But how exactly? Well, let Science Saturday tell you why you should be drinking more - not that you need the excuse. [Yahoo]


Tyler's been giving you Christopher Guest clips all week, and I have to admit, I don't remember if he covered one of my favorite movies...but I don't care, I'll give you some Waiting for Guffman anyway!

A penny for your thoughts?

Check back for previews and the GDT, and then there's the game too. Go Blues.