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Predators At Blues Morning Open Thread: Wake Up

Both teams played last night, so will tonight be a snooze-fest?

Dilip Vishwanat

Both teams played last night, though you could be forgiven if you forgot that the Blues did. Heck, they put me to sleep so badly with their floating play that I went to bed right after the game was over.

This is a friendly reminder: two points are two points, regardless of if they come against the Eastern Conference or the Western. Try to get them against both.

This is a short and to the point morning open thread - hang out here, toss around Chris Stewart trade rumors (and BTW, did you see that one time in the second period where he looked like he gave a shit? Well done!), and check back for a Lighting the Lamp, a game preview, and your GDT followed by a recap. Head over to the nice folks at On the Forecheck and warn them about our impending arrival on March 15th.

You know what the soothsayer said, right? "Beware the Ides of March, for that is when Game Time is invading Nashville. BEWARE. BEEEEEWWWAAARE."