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Saturday Links: Belt Day At Last!

Shake it off folks - it's Conference III Belt Day!

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Not sure which is more depressing, how shitty the Blues played last night, or how it's already February.

But there's no time for existentialism this morning - it's Conference III Belt Day!


  • The Blues...well, I don't know what they think they did, but they ultimately lost 3-1 last night to the Hurricanes. Ashley, aka, FormalizedNegativeSpambot, Buzzfed your recap. [SLGT]
  • The folks from Tar Heel country were surprisingly less upset. here's how they felt about last night. [Canes Country]
  • After Darren Dreger tweeted speculation of a Chris Stewart for Ryan Callahan swap with the Rangers, rumors ran like wildfire. [SLGT]
  • Different Blues players made their predictions for Super Bowl Sunday - I think Alexander Steen has been too busy scoring goals to pay attention to the NFL. [Blues]


  • The Blues are back at it tonight at Scottrade to take on the Predators. The Preds played last night too, beating the Devils in overtime 3-2. Shea Weber , who had been day-to-day before the game, scored both the opening & winning goals. [On the Forecheck]
  • Although it's not up as of press time, tonight is also the Note's first defense of the Conference III Title Belt since New Year's Eve. J.R. Lind will have the tales of the tape up later today, so don't forget to make that a stop before tonight. [III Communication]


  • You already know how 2 of last night's 5 games ended, so check out the other 3. [ 1/31]
  • Outside of St. Louis there are 10 other games tonight, including a Battle of Ontario and a late night clash that'd be worth staying up for: Blackhawks-Sharks. [ 2/1]
  • This week's DemocraThree round table. I have to say, after Tyler's Blues updates, my favorite parts are Anthrax Jones' weekly poems. And now that I've typed "Anthrax," I'm pretty sure SLGT is on some government watch list of some kind. Another reason to hate the Avalanche. [III Communication]
  • No Los Angeles King not named Anze Kopitar has scored a single goal in their last 303:10 of play - that's over five games. Basically, the Kings are doing their impression of the Slovenian Olympic team. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Team USA has a captain, and his name is Zach Parise. The alternate captains are Ryan Suter & Dustin Brown And His Amazing Flying Elbows. [USA Hockey]
  • Chris Peters explains why Parise is a fantastic choice, while thankfully avoiding mentioning Dustin Brown. [United States of Hockey]
  • I assume that if something is on Puck Daddy that most of you have already seen it, so I usually just link there to things like Jersey Fouls or big stories that just aren't covered as well on other sites. But this story is just too good to not share - a Czech hockey player tells the story of how he stopped a terrorist from setting off explosions in a Prague subway station. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Cleveland Browns would like to host a Stadium Series game. And I would like to go on a date with Anna Kendrick, but she won't return my calls either. [Pro Hockey Talk]


  • Recently, Jerry Seinfeld did an AMA ("ask me anything") on Reddit, where he teased of a "big, huge, gigantic" thing in the works. Turns out, it's some sort of Seinfeld reunion. [Variety]
  • You know how everyone says that the weather where they live is the craziest? Well, ST. LOUIS WINS AGAIN! Based on 10 years of data, the average day-to-day temperature change in St. Louis is greater than any other major city in the US. SUCK IT, BALTIMORE! [Imgur]
  • If you follow our Fearless Leader Hildymac on twitter - or you watch the news - you've probably heard about the winter weather Atlanta has gotten recently. Well, according to some conspiracy theorists, the SNOW IS FAKE!!1! Is it really a government conspiracy to cover The South in fake snow to slow everything down? ...No, it isn't, and if you thought it was for even a second (let alone created an entire website for it), then you're a fucking idiot who shouldn't be allowed to have children. For Science Saturday (sort of), here's why (why the snow is real, not why you shouldn't procreate): [Mental_Floss]
  • You might have heard that there's a pretty big football game tomorrow - if you were watching The Simpsons in 2005. Just like everything else in life, The Simpsons did it first, calling the Broncos over the Seahawks 19-14 in the Super Bowl. Then again, Homer Simpson also owns the Denver Broncos, so maybe the whole thing is a fix? [Shutdown Corner]


Robb sends along this very thought provoking PSA on the pride of Native Americans, and how it pertains to the name of that NFL team in DC. He was worried it might be a tad political, but in no way do I think that - although, full disclosure, I am both a bleeding heart liberal AND a Dallas Cowboys fan.

It might be a bit disappointing that David Backes didn't get to be officially named Captain America, but Zach Parise is still a fantastic choice, if only for this:

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Another game day - stop by for coverage throughout the day!