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GameThread for Nashville Predators at St. Louis Blues, Feb 1, 2014

The Blues need a bounceback game tonight against the Nashville Predators, but will be missing their key face off guy.

Jeff Curry

Well, this sucks. Vladimir Sobotka isn't day-to-day anymore. Sobotka's now on the IR to be re-evaluated in four weeks. There haven't been any call-ups as of yet by the team, but Sobotka's hurt badly enough to where he'll be missing the Sochi games. Shit happens, but this is really terrible timing for Sobe.

Ryan Reaves will be back in the line-up tonight.

Chris Stewart will also be starting on the top line with David Backes and Alexander Steen. Before you think this is a wake-up call for Stewart, Hitchcock said the opposite to Lou Korac:

"Quite frankly good play. He played well," Hitchcock said of Stewart. "He deserved to go up there. He was strong on the puck. He was strong on the puck, he made plays, I think he created five scoring chances. He was on for five for and two against. He was plus-3 for the evening, which is a good sign.

"He had patience in the offensive zone and wasn't panicking with the puck. He made some plays. ... He's making good decisions down low. And it's like anything else, you reward good play, and he played well yesterday. You reward that type of play."

So for those of us who were excited when Stewart took a few shots on net and seemed to be a little bit more engaged, there you go.

This is your GameDay Thread. Comment like two points mean something. Because they do. They're also how much Colorado is behind the Blues in the standings after their 7-1 dispatching of the Buffalo Sabres this afternoon.

Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.