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Are The Blues' Jerseys Up For A Re-Design?

Reebok floats new designs every so often, and word on the street is that they're floating one the Blues' way.

Dilip Vishwanat

Earlier this year, ESPN's UniWatch blog bashed the Blues' uniforms, and I asked the question: are they really that bad? I've never been a fan of Reebok's jerseys; I refuse to buy a Blues' one because a) they're like wearing oversized shirts and b) you don't get the quality for your money like you did with CCMs or KOHO. Heck, I prefer my old Starters to the two Reebok practice Thrashers jerseys that I have (and that I bought at an equipment sale because they were only $25 a pop).

The piping annoys me. It doesn't detract from the crest, but to me the third jerseys with the busier logo are the more direct of the two. Teams seem to be inching away from the RBK style of jerseys. It's probably time for the Blues to do that too.

Icethetics' NHL JerseyWatch 2014 has some news on a couple of potential jersey re-designs, and the Blues' is one of them. Officially Reebok states that the road and home jerseys are in a TBD state, while the thirds are staying. This is interesting, since the third jerseys are a remnant of the Checketts' regeme; they've been a huge hit, though, so I doubt they're going anywhere.

The TBD, they believe, may be more the logo than the jersey. I'm very much hoping that this is wrong; the 'Note is fine as is. The third jersey logo is a great secondary logo but it's too busy for the main.

I'm hoping for a piping exorcism. What do you guys want in a new jersey, if that's what's in the works?