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Beyond Checkerdome: Fancy Stats 102

Episode 30 -- all of it -- is here! Put on your Thinking Toques

Too Good not to re-use
Too Good not to re-use

This episode marks the return of our friendly neighborhood stats man, RobbTufts. We take a moment to recap the week that was - mystery goals, injuries, blown leads, and the rest. The majority of the show, however, is focused on the wild wonderful world of #FancyStats. With the league on break, we can make references to specific statistics, and they'll still show the same when you listen to our conversation now. If you've ever been curious to learn more about these new stats, this is an excellent learning opportunity. Robb's first visit was on Episode 14, so that might be helpful, too.

Have a listen, eh?

For the download link, go HERE

The websites that we mention are certainly worth bookmarking:

Behind The Net

Extra Skater

(one place that we spent a lot of time on was Extra Skater's box score for the Jets At Blues game)

Now, we always encourage questions and feedback, but it's even doubly true now; if you have any questions about the stuff we covered in the show, feel free to drop us a comment below, or hit us up on twitter @ByndCheckerdome or email at BeyondCheckerdome AT G mail DOT com. You can follow Robb on twitter also: @RobbTuftsHockey

Keep an eye out for Blues By The Numbers, a recurring feature here at St Louis Game Time that deals with how players and teams are measured. RobbTufts and CanesAndBluesFan do some great work.

Thanks again for listening!


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