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Winter Olympics Hockey Semifinal: USA vs. Canada (Again), Sweden vs. Finland

Four very excellent hockey teams are squaring off today in Sochi. Who you got?

Martin Rose

Finland. If you haven't been paying attention for the past several Olympics, they're pretty damn good. Teemu Selanne? He needs to play in the Olympics until he's 90.

Sweden? Patrik Berglund, Alexander Steen, and a bunch of other guys are also very, very good.

But we all know, as much fun as that game will be to watch, that it isn't the one we'll care about. That game starts at 11:00. Yesterday, Canada defeated the US to win gold in women's hockey. The American women lost in true St. Louis Blues style - they didn't play a full 60 minutes. They had a chance to seal the deal, and they blew it. Sure the officiating was awful in the OT period, but that impacted both teams equally. The US took their foot off of the gas, and they paid for it.

That can't happen today. Canada's been having issues scoring these Olympics. Other than their 6-0 blowout of Austria, we just haven't seen a lot of their firepower. The Americans, on the other hand, only had issues scoring in regulation against the Russians. Their games against Slovakia and Slovenia? Twelve goals in those two. They had five against the Czech Republic. Total goals in this tournament? US: 20. Canada: 13.

Do not take your foot off of the gas.