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2014 Olympic Hockey: Team USA Battles Team Finland For Bronze

It wasn't the matchup or the medal that fans of Team USA were hoping for, but today's game should be enjoyable nonetheless.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It's the weekend, so now most of us can watch a hockey game without sneaking it on work laptops or going out for extended lunches or being "sick." It's just beer and eggs, breakfast and hockey time.

It's also Teemu Time.

This is Teemu Selanne's last Olympics, which is sad because A) it's Teemu and B) He's playing some insanely good hockey right now. He has two goals and two assists, and the captain has been averaging 14:50 a game. He can do this again in around four years, right?

As much as I would hate to deprive Teemu of a medal his last time out, Team USA could stand to win. They've lost just one game all tournament, yesterday afternoon to Canada, and that was by a score of 1-0. Finland doesn't have Canada's defense, and while Kari Lehtonen is very, very good, he's also not Carey Price.

Team USA's offense was left back at the Olympic Village yesterday. If the US wants to get out of Sochi with at least a little face saved, someone's going to have to remember to bring it with them tonight.

Bronze isn't gold. Bronze isn't silver. Bronze is their only option. If Team USA wins, seven of the nine Blues that went to Sochi will come home with hardware. Isn't that reason enough to hope for an American win?

Sorry Teemu. Maybe next time, because both you and I know you'll be back.