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2014 Olympic Hockey: Canada vs. Sweden Gold Medal Matchup

One of the world's top hockey powers will be going home with a shiny piece of golden hardware.

Martin Rose

Ok, so, yesterday did not go well for the three Blues on Team USA. At all. Today, though, four members of the team will be coming home with medals. Jay Bourmeester and Alex Pietrangelo have both been playing very well for Team Canada, and Alexander Steen and Patrik Berglund have been solid for Team Sweden.

If Bergie can bring some of this mojo home with him in a suitcase, that'd be great.

It's Henrik Lundqvist vs. Carey Price for bragging rights. Which country gets to claim hockey as their game? Canada has gold in 2002 and 2010, and Sweden has one from 2006. Today is going to be an excellent game to watch, even though thes sting of the US's loss is pretty bad.

And remember - the team that wins the gold automatically calls dibsies on the sport of hockey. The Czech Republic did that in 1998, right? They totally would have had the #CzechOutOurGame hashtag trending, I'm sure.