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Sunday Links: Abject Failure and Fan Ta Canada!

Drown your sorrows in links...again.

Martin Rose

That was the most embarrassing display the US has put on for the world since the Iraq War.

Let's make like the USA hockey team and just get this shit over with.


  • I'll just hand the microphone over to Lambert. [The Sleeping Giant]
  • Proud Patriot - a term I couldn't use for any one of those players right now (including our own) - Greg Wyshysnki places the lion's share of the blame firmly at Dan Bylsma's feet, and he goes point by point detailing precisely why. [Puck Daddy]
  • On the flip side...#TeemuForever I guess? [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Oh...and I guess there's one more game this morning that's about to start...thanks to the Blues' trip to Sweden back in 2009 (and our Swedish-speaking SLGT readers!) we know what we should be chanting today: Fan Ta Canada! [TSN]
  • Of the four officials in charge of today's Gold Medal game, three of the them are Canadian, while the fourth is an American who currently lives in Calgary (and who I presume is named Benedict Arnold). Swedish Legend/Adonis/Postage Stamp Peter Forsberg is less than thrilled about this clear and obvious International Canadian Conspiracy. I'm surprised the IIHF/IOC doesn't adopt FIFA's rule of barring refs from officiating international matches involving their birth nation's national team. But then again, there are probably only about 4 or 5 countries that "competent" hockey referees can come from I guess. [Toronto Star]
  • As if this whole tournament weren't bad enough already, here's the punchline: the two most represented NHL teams in today's final will be the Blackhawks and the Red Wings. Fuck off, Hockey Gods! [Fourth Place Medal]
  • Remember the good ol' days when Latvia almost beat Canada in the quarterfinals? *SIGH* Well turns out that one of the Latvian forwards tested positive for a banned stimulant after the game and has been disqualified. []


  • Now that we're just hours away from the Sochi closing ceremonies, it's time to look ahead to future Olympic games and wonder when they'll be coming back to The States. It's been 12 years since the 2002 Salt Lake City winter games, but with the IOC already booked through 2020 (with the 2022 winter games set to be announced soon), it'll be at least another 12 MORE years - maybe more. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Have you ever wanted the tour America and visit the original locations of famous fast food chain restaurants? Please don't. But here are 15 of the stops you might make if you did. Luckily two of them are in Wichita, so you can hit them up on your next vacation there. [Mental_Floss]
  • Josh Cooley is a storyboard artist for Pixar. At least by day. By night, he turns famous scenes from R-rated movies such as Pulp Fiction or No Country for Old Men into children's books. And in a couple days, you can buy your own copy! [Huff Post]
  • It's Sunday, which is Walking Dead day. Are you unhappy with this season and the heavy character development? Well, it's the fourth season, so if you haven't figured out by now that TWD isn't the show you seem to think it is, you should just shut up, because your bitching is wrong...or at least, you're not bitching about the right things. TEAM GLENN FOREVER!!! Spoilers, if you're not caught up.  [Y! TV]


Watchmen is one of the most acclaimed graphic novels of all-time, and a fucking incredible movie...for the first 20 minutes. The rest of it should've been more like this: SpongeMen SquareWatch.

I wouldn't be the musical theatre nerd that I am if I didn't inform you that the last remaining real life Von Trapp child passed away earlier this week at the age of 99. While I've never been the biggest Sound of Music fan myself, it's hard not to love this song, a fitting tribute.

Fun fact: those were the last lyrics that Oscar Hammerstein II (of Rodgers & Hammerstein, of course) wrote before his death in 1960.

Some housekeeping: Tyler will be unable to link tomorrow, so you get a bonus day of my dumbass. So help me make my ass look less dumb by sending me some links!


(...did I get that right?)

EDIT: Apparently not. According to Marcus, it's just Heja Sverige!