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Tuesday Links - Back To Your Day Job

Stray dogs. Olympic report cards. Obscene Alex. What We Learned. Milan Hejduk officially retires. Hockey hugs. Fuck your hypothetical. RIP, Harold Ramis. Fuck Dominica's skiers. Tattoo yo' dick. And classic clips. Time to get back to work.

This guy got a long break because #PeopleNamedTylerSuckAtHockey.
This guy got a long break because #PeopleNamedTylerSuckAtHockey.
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry I couldn't do links yesterday. The fiance' and I took a two-day trip to northwestern Montana, went snowshoeing through a small bit of Glacier National Park (which is fucking beautiful and if you've ever thought of going there, do it), ventured over to Whitefish for food and drink (and took this sweet picture from the second floor of Great Northern Brewing Company) and spent Sunday night in (what ended up being) a wi-fi-less (but warm, and very nice!) cabin. It was good therapy. And it's a great thing J-Mill is better at this links thing than I am (and that's no bullshit).

But anyway . . . the National Hockey League returns today. Technically.


  • Go over to the Blues website and check out a bunch of interviews from the Blues' Olympians. Go now!
  • Or, go here and check out what David Backes and company did to get some of Sochi's stray dogs home. I WANT ONE (but can't have one, thanks to this stupid apartment lease agreement). [Y! Sports Video]
  • Hildy takes what each Blues player did in the Olympics and wraps it up one-by-one. [SLGT]
  • Grease the tires and light the fires. [In The Slot / Lou Korac]


  • First NHL game since February 8th is . . . Sabres at Hurricanes? Well that's adorable. Also, that's THE ONLY GAME. Eeek. [ 02/25/14]
  • Obscene Alex recaps the Olympics in the way only Obscene Alex can. [III Communication]
  • The Olympics proved that Canada won the gold medal, but not much else, as Ryan Lambert pretty much says without saying in his What We Learned. [Puck Daddy]
  • Remember Milan Hejduk? Remember how he hadn't played a game since unofficially retiring? Well, he officially retired yesterday. [Avalanche(s)]
  • Hockey hugs! No Americans. Wonder why. [Puck Daddy]
  • "I know you hate hypotheticals . . . " " . . . not only that, I don't answer them." My respect for Donald Fehr jumped about a thousand percent with that exchange. Oh, there was a full interview too. [ESPN]
  • 10 things we'll take away from the 2014 Olympics, hockey-wise. Yes, T.J. Oshie shows up. As he should. [Puck Daddy]


  • Harold Ramis was part of a lot of the movies I found to be great and hilarious during my formative years. And while he was a Chicago guy, he spent a few of his formative years on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis. Yesterday, he passed at the age of 69. RIP, sir. And thank you. [CNN]
  • These two people are dicks. [Deadspin]
  • So if you get tattoos on your dick and send them to someone unsuspectingly, you're cool. [Y! / Reuters]


A couple Harold Ramis videos. First, from what might have been his own personal crowning achievement . . . Stripes. A classic:

And who can forget this scene from Ghostbusters?

Don't cross the streams.

I'm back at it tomorrow. And so are the Blues! Links and videos, por favor: