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NHL trade rumors: Ryan Miller trade needs to be "proper"

Rick Stewart

You have to give new Sabres GM Tim Murray credit: he doesn't beat around the bush. Last night, before their 2-1 win against the Carolina Hurricanes, Murray made it clear that the Sabres were dealing Ryan Miller.


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"The route we are looking at is to get value for him. To put him in a position to succeed. Our goal right now is to pursue a proper trade," Murray told reporters before the Sabres' game at Carolina, Buffalo TV station WKBW reported.

Murray has a week to trade Miller, who started Tuesday in the NHL's first post-Sochi game. The GM said between two and 10 teams have asked about Miller, who can become an unrestricted free agent after the season.

Between ten and two teams? That's a wide window. Miller and Murray have a week before the NHL Trade Deadline to make up their mind as to what team will be the goaltender's new home. The Sabres are in a rebuild, so Murray will be looking for quality parts in exchange for his netminder, who is a UFA in July. Miller'll be going to the team that gives up the most - what other squad needs a rental goalie to get over that hump into the playoffs?