Postgame Skate Date with Sarah Connors? YES. February 8th, 2014 at Steinberg.

UPDATE: PREGAME Thursday the 6th at 5pm at The Flying Saucer.

What's the matter with Wolfy?

Keep an eye out for the T-1000. Sarah Connors is coming to town.

After Thrashing the Thrashers (1pm Game Time), head on over to Steinberg for a SLGT Ice Skating Get Together.
AKA, Skate Date with Boston's Sarah Connors.

Bring skates, or not. You can rent there and learn like I did. There's beer there too. There's also a big sheet of ice.

If you've not been to Steinberg, I highly recommend it. Cool atmosphere and lots of fun ice skating.

Other plans: Sarah is coming to town for the Boston at Blues game on Feb 6th. As far as I know, she's still coming. Even though Sobe Sobe isn't playing. (I double checked that I spelled "coming" correctly there.)

There'll be a pregame SLGTGT I am sure. I'd guess 4:30 pm at Maggie O's or the Flying Saucer or somewhere close.

There'll likely be a postgame SLGTGT I am sure. I'd guess the details will be sketchy until post game. Watch twitter for information as to when and where.

I'll update this fanpost once those plans are firmed up, or perhaps, even create a new one, just for that.
(I doubt it)

Be Well and may the Schwartz be with you.

Also, #Fuckdetroit and Blackhawks Suck.

Now, here's a not so random picture:


TJ Oshie using "The Schwartz."


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