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Senators At Blues Morning Open Thread: Snow Bound And Down

Sure, there might be some snow in St. Louis, but that doesn't mean that you can't go see the always exciting Ottawa Senators! Or just the Ottawa Senators. They'll do too.


The last time the Blues and the Sens met up, Ottawa won, David Backes got knocked loopy, and the team basically looked like this in overtime:



Tomorrow it should be better. Right? Right.

Jaroslav Halak should be in net tonight, everyone but Vladimir Sobotka's healthy, and Dmitrij Jaskin has been given the call to come up to the big club. Of course, the last time these two teams met, Chris Stewart scored both goals. He's been playing a smidge better as of late, but really, his overall play the past month or so?

See Squidward for a description.

This is your morning open thread. Hang out here, wait for a Lighting the Lamp and a game preview, and don't forget to come back for your GameDay Thread. Head on over to the nice Canadian folks at Silver Seven Sens and say hello, eh?