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Tuesday Links - Jason Spezza Has A Nerd Laugh

Blues host Sens. Universal measures of player value. Call-up. GTGT's upcoming. Vanek news. Ovi defended. CIII coaches and sammiches. Olympic masks. A minor trade. Cell phones catch fire. And a couple Jason Spezza videos. Game days are fun.

Dude laughs like a nerd and used to do commercials as a kid.
Dude laughs like a nerd and used to do commercials as a kid.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Well, the sun came up yesterday. I knew it would.


  • The Blues host the Senators tonight at the DrinkScotch. Lou Korac notes that instead of T.J. Oshie being used on the top line as is customary, he's being used where needed to give the rest of the team a jump. Not a wretched idea, actually. This, and other notes. [In The Slot / Lou Korac]
  • The Blues also, to take the roster spot of the injured Vladimir Sobotka, called up Dmitrij Jaskin again. [Blues]
  • A couple from CanesAndBluesFan yesterday about Universal Measures of Player Value. First, a look at why they fail. [SLGT]
  • Then, CanesAndBluesFan looks at goals, points and money to determine a player's value and whether or not the player is overpaid or underpaid. [SLGT]
  • Our pal Sarah Connors, who was a good sport by having Peyton Manning be her Twitter avatar for TWO WHOLE WEEKS (hey, thanks for that), will be in St. Louis this week. In honor of it, there will be a post game GTGT at Steinberg Ice Rink in Forest Park this Saturday. DanGNR has the deets. [SLGT]


  • The Sens come a'callin tonight in St. Louis. Last night, they lost 2-1 in overtime to the Penguins in Pittsburgh. Craig Anderson faced 48 shots on goal. A good guess he won't be starting tonight. []
  • What most people will probably talk about is this highway robbery of Erik Karlsson by Marc-Andre Fleury. Holy hot Goddamn. [SB Nation]
  • For everything else Sens . . . go visit Silver Seven. [Silver Seven]


  • Speaking of seven . . . there were that many games last night, and they all ended with finals. [ 02/03/14]
  • Nine games tonight. I hear one of them is local. [ 02/04/14]
  • Thomas Vanek has apparently rejected a large contract offer from the Islanders and it's now reported that Garth Snow is shopping the talented winger. Hey Army . . . not saying you HAVE to (and I don't think you DO have to) . . . but . . . hey, if you WANT to . . . I wouldn't mind. [Long Island Newsday]
  • Ryan Lambert takes Ken Campbell to task for his assertion that Alexander Ovechkin must commit to a two-way game in his What We Learned piece. (And good for him . . . Ken Campbell seems to be mailing his hockey writing career in at the moment, and the piece this one responds to the latest example.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Obscene Alex's [Redacted] Conference III Week In Review is all about . . . [Sandwiches]. I wonder . . . is this an homage to an NPR blog? (Yeah, sorry, BOTH your links guys are bleeding heart liberals.) [III Communication]
  • The International Olympic Committee doesn't like North America winning everything, especially at women's hockey, so they put USA and Canada in the same group . . . so they'll still probably meet each other in the gold medal match, but one of them will go in with a loss. GREAT WORK, GUYS! [Puck Daddy]
  • Jonathan Quick's Olympic mask will feature the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. That is awesome. [In Goal Magazine]
  • Meanwhile, Jimmy Howard's Olympic mask features stars, colors and screaming eagles and shit. (Yep. More Jimmy Howard Shit Jokes!) [Deadspin]
  • Bobby Ryan bitched about not being selected for the Team USA Olympic squad, then complained about being mistreated by Brian Burke. What has he done since? Weeeeellllllllll . . . next to nothing. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Canucks and Canadiens basically exchanged waste matter with each other. The Habs picked up forward Dale Weise in exchange for Swiss Olympic defenseman Raphael Diaz, who now joins Yannick Weber, former Montreal organization teammate and Swiss teammate as well. An amusing look at the deal from Harrison Mooney. [Pass It To Bulis]
  • The Jets now give a fighter pilot's helmet to their player of the game. Better than a crown of shit, I suppose. [Winnipeg Free Press]


  • When this dude was a backup QB in the NFL, I used to call him "J-Load". Jared Lorenzen is playing football . . . and truly is . . . ummmm, a load, at 320 pounds. [Deadspin]


Both of today's videos involve the Captain of tonight's opponent. First, Jason Spezza plays the little kid in the blue overalls in this Minute Maid commercial from 1988 (S/T to Childhood Trauma):

And then . . . Jason Spezza has a bit of a nerdy laugh (S/T to CrossCheckRaise for bringing this to my attention and having me search for it):

Links? Videos? Surely you have them! Send them to me:

And be sure to stop by later for more analysis about tonight's game. #RockTheScott, and if you're gonna be there, grab a Game Time rag. Best $4 you'll ever spend on game day. And don't forget to tip your vendor.