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Bruins At Blues Morning Open Thread: No Repeat Of Thursday, Please

Everyone's favorite potential Stanley Cup Finals matchup happens again tonight at Scottrade.


Back in November, the Blues visited the Boston Bruins, and the typical hard-hitting, rough and tumble, blue collar hockey you'd expect happened. It was entertaining as hell. The Blues won, and November 21st was Tuukka Time... to freak out.

So, he seemed mad. After the game Rask had this to say:

"Well I’d probably be laughing right now if it weren’t right? But it sucks when you lose it, I just hate it," said Rask, who stopped 24 of the 26 shots he saw in regulation and overtime. "Especially when you can’t stop the puck, I think that’s the worst feeling.

"I thought both teams played pretty good hockey; pretty good systems and good players, doing what their coaches are asking them to and then you decide that in a shootout and obviously it feels good for them and sucks for me, personally," said Rask.

"I’d gas them right away, midseason," Rask said of the shootout. "Take them away. I don’t want it."

The same probably holds true for Jaroslav Halak, whose crossbar stopped two of five shots in an atrocious 5-4 loss to the Ottawa Senators Tuesday night. Regardless of if the Blues have Zdeno Chara in the line-up tonight (they don't), Halak and the Blues might want to work extra hard to redeem themselves.

Check back later for a Lighting the Lamp, the preview, and then hopefully a GDT full of sunshine and light. Head over to Stanley Cup of Chowder and say to Sarah and Cornelius, and if you REALLY want to say hi to Sarah Connors, she'll be at the Blues game tonight. She may even remember you afterward.*

*I will never let you live down Nashville '11, Sarah. Ever. YOU MET ME DAMMIT.