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GameThread for Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues, Feb 6, 2014

The Boston Bruins are in town, and can the Blues keep up with one of the East's best again?

Jared Wickerham

The Bruins, with 75 points, sit atop the Atlantic Division, six points above the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Blues, with 80 points, sit just three points above the third seed in the Central Division, the Colorado Avalanche. They're four points behind the Chicago Blackhawks. Thanks to Tuesday's goof of a game, the Blues' goal of leapfrogging the Blackhawks before Sochi and the Olympic break seems to be kaput, but that doesn't mean that points tonight and Saturday against the Jerts (sorry, Jets) won't help out a metric ton.

It's probably entertaining to fans of teams who aren't playing well to look at us Blues fans and wonder what the hell we're worried about.We have our reasons to be concerned, but unless the team wants their fans to have a conniption fit that lasts for two weeks, they need to get on the stick.

This is your GameDay Thread: Comment like you mean it.

Let's Do This. Let's Go Blues.