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Saturday Links: A Vezina Winner? St. Louis Has It!

Today's links are late, but that's just to build the anticipation even more!

"Oh, so THAT'S how high up in the standings I'm going!"
"Oh, so THAT'S how high up in the standings I'm going!"
Jen Fuller

I apologize for the lateness - I needed a little sleep, and my internet connection is atrocious - can I charge a new laptop to the SBNation Company credit card?


  • Before last night's game in Anaheim, the Blues made a roster transaction. It just happened to be fore one of the five best goaltenders in the world without giving up any of the organization's top 3 prospects or any roster skaters that we weren't already actively looking to unload anyway. No big or anything. Oh, and...uh, Steve Ott. [SLGT]
  • The reaction was so big, you may have even been forgiven for forgetting that the top two teams in the NHL were going playing each other last night - it seems the Blues forwards did too. Note loses 1-0 again, but Bernie said that he "liked the way the team played anyway," so it's official: the Blues have turned into fucking Tottenham Hotspur. Your recap from Ashley, AKA RyanMillerRyanMillerRyanMiller. [SLGT]
  • For the perspective on last night's game from The O.C. (don't call it that) here's Anaheim Calling, who despite having been on the plus side of a season sweep of the Blues, admit that they are "borderline TERRIFIED at the thought of facing [the Blues] in the playoffs" after The Trade. But then, they also accuse David Backes of diving three times on the same shift, so fuck them anyways. [Anaheim Calling]
  • As for that whole Ryan Miller thing, Robb crunches a few numbers and...well, let's just say he's less enthused about it than I am. He believes that we gave up quite a bit too much... [SLGT]
  • ...while the reaction in Buffalo is that they got straight up hosed, and many fans are pretty unhappy with the return. Usually, those two things together point to a good trade. Personally I think has a chance to not just be good, but legitimately great for both sides. Even if we have to deal with Steve Ott. [Die By the Blade]
  • Adam Proteau thinks this move vaults the Blues to the very tip top of the list of favorites this year. It'd help if we started scoring goals again, but they'll come...soon...I hope. [The Hockey News]
  • Adam Gertz believes the trade obviously makes the Blues a better team, but wonders just exactly how much better. [SBNation NHL]
  • Even before the Miller deal went down, CrossCheckRaise passed along this retrospective of The Other Gretzky Trade that brought The Great One to St. Louis, even if only for two months of having Mike Keenan being a piece of shit to him. It's a great reminder that even a king's ransom of prospects and draft picks can easily turn into a big old pile of shit. Even if that season didn't work out and 99 skipped town, I don't think people properly recognize just how RIDICULOUS of a steal that trade was. [The Royal Half]
  • Have you read enough about Ryan Miller yet? No? Good. Here's the local MSM perspective, specifically, Bernie Miklasz's. [STLToday]


  • Four games last night, with the big on-ice story being how Jhonas Enroth stepped up in goal in Buffalo and turned away 36 Sharks shots for a 4-2 Sabres win after...well, all the other stuff I just linked to above. [ 2/28]
  • Ten games today, seven of which are afternoon delights. But the big ones are tonight, with Maple Leafs-Canadiens north of the boarder and the Blackhawks-Penguins tonight on NBC - wait, a Saturday night regular season game on national network TV? What, is this another outdoor game? [checks listings] ...oh...right... [ 3/1]
  • Dan Girardi re-uped with the Blueshirts in the form of a 6-year $33 million extension with the Rangers. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • In the lead up to the trade deadline, J.R. Lind put together this fantastic guide to every possible outcome of a deadline deal. Read up and enjoy. [Conference III]
  • You might remember how one of the players on the Latvian Olympic team tested positive for doping violations after their near-upset of Canada in the quarterfinals. Well, rumors are spreading that the IOC might have found a second failed drug test on their roster, which could result in their retroactive disqualification from the games and their best-ever 8th place finish. [Puck Daddy]
  • In one last retrospective on the Olympic tournament (I swear you guys, this is it), Down Goes Brown gives out medals for sad faces, contrived narratives, and season-ending injuries. [Grantland]


  • A California man is suing McDonald's for $1.5 million over "undue mental anguish" that has made him unable to go to work after an interaction with a McDonald's manager. All because he allegedly only got one napkin. [TMZ]
  • The Academy Awards have never awarded a science-fiction movie the Best Picture. Could Gravity be the first? God I hope not, although my favorite - Her - could probably be considered sci-fi as well. [Yahoo! Movies]
  • St. Louis will be getting another high level international soccer friendly, as the Bosnian national team will return to face the Ivory Coast on May 30th at the Dome. Both teams will be warming up for the World Cup - and you Chelsea fans will get to see Didier Drogba. Tickets go on sale on the 17th. [CBS Local]


An old 70s tourism

Why did we get Ryan Miller. So he could out duel the Kings goalie. Sticktap to Ashley, AKA HonestNegativeEricBrewer.

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