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NHL trade deadline: Shea Weber dealt at deadline? Don't count on it.

The Nashville Predators' cornerstone player isn't going anywhere, if GM David Poile is to be believed.

Pretty sure he's staying put.
Pretty sure he's staying put.

The Nashville Predators are not having a good season. They're fighting for the bottom of the Central Division with the Winnipeg Jets, starting goaltender Pekka Rinne has been out for most of the season, and the offense just isn't there.

Neither has the defense, with Seth Jones and Shea Weber being the bright spots, along with Roman Josi. One of those three guys is being whispered about as far as a trade goes, but Predators General Manager David Poile isn't having it. Shea Weber is not going anywhere at the trade deadline.

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This is not a "trade for assets or you lose the guy for nothing" situation. Weber's gargantuan new contract deal continues on next season, in which the Predators agreed to owe him $110 million over the course of fourteen seasons. Fourteen. Two of those years have already ticked off the clock, but next season he is due $14,000,000.

What team would willingly look at that and go "Yeah! That sounds like a great deal!"

Look for Weber to be traded to the Flyers at the draft.

I kid, I kid, but a team has to be either nuts or have very deep pockets to take a run at Weber now or in the future. The Blues'll be stuck dealing with him for a while - if Nashville's offense improves over the course of the next few seasons, the Predators will return to their "pain in the ass" status easily.