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Monday Links - Own That Belt

Blues over Wild(s). Prospects. Scores. Ties in hockey. #Iggy4Lyfe. Flyers are Globetrotters. Don't be a dick to 13-year-old hockey players. Timmy Time in Dallas. Rashard Mendenhall. Da Finga. Bullshit tickets. And a double shot of Hank Green. Monday!

"Zee glove hand is NOT humangous big."
"Zee glove hand is NOT humangous big."
Hannah Foslien

It's a great time to be a Blues fan. Which means The Asylum must be absolutely fucking miserable right now.


  • The Blues are now 18-0-1 against the Central Division this season after beating the Wild(s) 3-2 in a shootout last night. T.J. Oshie did his thing (Y'know . . . THAT one), Alexander Steen slid one past Ilya Bryzgalov and Brian Elliott stopped Zach Parise and watched Mikko Koivu totally honk his attempt. Ash might have a recap up later today, but for now . . . you get THIS. [Blues]
  • Yep. That means the Blues retain the Conference III Title Belt ONCE AGAIN! [III Communication]
  • Prospect Sunday! B-Dub tells us of the week that was in Chicago and Kalamazoo, who's trending up and what's coming in the week ahead, not to mention the results of a mock draft in "The '14 File". [SLGT; SLGT; SLGT; SLGT]


  • Scores. Five of them. I was quite pleased with one of them, and I'm sure you were too. [ 03/09/14]
  • Eight games tonight. May want to keep an eye on that Jets-Avalanche(s) game. [ 03/10/14]
  • Two Ohio teams played seven overtimes then said "Eh, fuck it, we're all winners" and go home. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jarome Iginla . . . he's my dude. 550 goals now, and counting. #Iggy4Lyfe [CBC]
  • Nice stick play by Flyers Captain Claude Giroux to get an alley-oop up to Wayne Simmonds while the Harlem Globetrotters were in Philly. [Puck Daddy]
  • Gonna guess that going all Hulksmash on peewee league players is frowned upon by the State of Connecticut. Even if . . . I mean, I GUESS I understand, if he had a puck fired at him. But still, man. Jeebus. He's 13. Just kick him out of the fucking game. [Deadspin]
  • Remember that Tim Thomas trade and how most thought it was kind of a throwaway deal for the Stars? Well, ummmmm . . . Kari Lehtonen might have a concussion, so now they might look like mad geniuses if Thomas can hold the fort. [Puck Daddy]


  • A powerful read from former Fighting Illini and NFL running back Rashard Mendenhall on why he decided to retire from the game at the tender age of 26. Good on him. He's always been much smarter than his on-field persona, and definitely so when he was at Illinois. [Huffington Post]
  • We've lost another of the famed Band of Brothers. Easy Company's William "Wild Bill" Guarnere passed Saturday at the age of 90. [CNN]
  • Baseball's "Middle Finger" sign is totally underutilized. It appears the Houston Astros agree. [Deadspin]
  • "So yeah, no sign is posted, but we're going to give you a ticket anyway for not following some random bullshit some asshole from City Hall came up with." [Y! Odd News]


Two today . . . both from a few years ago and both partially having irrelevant material, but both pretty damn good.

First, Hank Green of the famous Mental Floss series of videos tells us that, yes, you CAN "judge a book by its' cover" . . . but only sometimes. (S/T to Kate):

Physiognomy! Nice.

Then, Hank Green again . . . this time telling us that the only industry that demands absolute perfect accuracy is . . . that of a tattoo artist. And other random shit. (S/T to Kate):

I should point out that Hank Green lives up here in Missoula. Which is totally random. And awesome. And I HAVE to have walked past him at some point while I've been here because it's not like this is a huge town.

Anyway . . . one day down, three to go. Send stuff: