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Stars At Blues Morning Open Thread: A Second Look At Tim Thomas?

The Stars are without their starting goaltender Kari Lehtonen, so Tim Thomas should be in net tonight against the Blues.

Dilip Vishwanat

I had this written before the incident last night with Rich Peverley. Thoughts and prayers to the Dallas Stars and to one of the nicest hockey guys that I have ever met. Peverley is an absolute class act and a great guy, and we here at SLGT wish him all of the best.

The last time that Tim Thomas was in St. Louis, he was starting for the Florida Panthers, and he got absolutely shellacked in what would be a 7-0 win in the Blues' second game. Tonight might be Timmy Time Part Two out of necessity.

The Stars swapped Dan "Problems" Ellis for Thomas at the trade deadline, killing dreams of a Luongo/Thomas tag-team. Dallas is lucky that they did that, because their grip on a playoff spot isn't exactly a sure thing, and this just happened to Kari Lehtonen:

Wow. Lehtonen is more than likely concussed, and Stars coach Lindy Rupp said that Lehtonen was "not doing that well," which as we all know is head coach speak for "bad injury that will take him out for several weeks."

The Stars had to give Cristopher Nilstorp a ring, so if Thomas doesn't start tonight, Nilstorp will be in. Either way, the Blues benefit and should be able to continue their streak. They're trying to widen the gap between themselves and the Blackhawks, and they'd love to hold on to the best record in the West. These home games should help them do that.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later on for a Lighting the Lamp, your game preview, a crowd participation session better known as a GDT, and a recap if the server's cooperating.

While you're killing time, head over to Defending Big D and say howdy to our friends in the Lone Star State, and follow @DallasStars on Twitter. They're a lot of fun.