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GameThread for Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues, Mar 11, 2014

The Blues and Stars are playing a possible playoff preview tonight at the Scottrade Center.

Dilip Vishwanat

Oh, what a pleasant change a non-Californian first round playoff match-up would be. Keep your fingers crossed that the playoff positions stick - the Stars might be a doable opponent.

Tonight they will be, because they're going to be short an offensive threat along with Rich Peverley and Kari Lehtonen. Alex Chiasson was so badly shaken up by the incident with Peverley last night that he will not be playing. He didn't fly, and he was also taken to the hospital.

Don't judge. The kid's a rookie, and he saw his teammate nearly die last night; anxiety issues are a totally appropriate response to what happened.

Let's go on and do this. Comment like you're Jay Bouwmeester punching goalies in the mask.

Let's Go Blues.