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Oilers At Blues Morning Open Thread: Bonjour, Dah-veed.

An old fan favorite (and fan frustrater) makes a trip to Scottrade Center as the Blues' fight for first in the NHL continues.

Derek Leung

David Perron must feel a little bit of nostalgia for his days with the St. Louis Blues. Sure, it's fun to play with high-offense players, but when your team as a -45 goal differential, chances are good that you need to invest in some defense. Regardless, Perron is having an excellent season, with 24 goals and 22 assists. He's got a bit more leeway to do what he needs to do to score since Edmonton, I'm pretty sure, does not have a system and does not know what a system is.

At the trade deadline, the Oilers added Viktor Fasth from the Anaheim Ducks to work with Ben Scrivens in net, giving them a young and talented tandem to work with. God willing they don't crush their will to play hockey. This is Edmonton, after all.

This is your morning open thread. Ryan Miller's looking to get onto another win streak, and the defense I'm sure would love to continue scoring goals. Check back later for our newest feature, Who's Hot and Who's Not, and then head back by for Lighting the Lamp, your game preview, and your GDT. While you're waiting for the fun to start, head to The Copper and Blue and say hi, maybe share your condolences or your favorite white skate story.