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Recap: Vladis & Blues light up the Oilers 6-2

Tonight the St. Louis Blues went full throttle, full steam ahead against the Edmonton Oilers. It was a rough and tumble sort of game with tempers flaring where ever you looked. The Blues smoked the Oilers 6-2. That means its time to recap!

I snipe your goals. You Miss me??? -- Vlady Sobotka
I snipe your goals. You Miss me??? -- Vlady Sobotka
Dilip Vishwanat

First Period

Tonight the St. Louis Blues took on the Edmonton Oilers. It was a fun game for everyone involved. It was David Perron's first game back at the DrinkScotch Center since being dealt to the Oilers this summer. The Blue and Yellow had a reunion not only with Perry but with Vladimir Sobotka. Sobe returned tonight after missing 12 consecutive games and the Olympics with a broken knee cap. The first period started off with quite a bit of Blues puck possession and pressure. They held Edmonton to on one shot in the first half of the period. Unfortunately their second shot, at 7:39, would result in a revenge goal from the one we call Frenchie, giving the Oilers a 1-0 lead. The Blues would kick it back into gear and gain back momentum at 18:48 as the returning Jedi, Sobotka, would get the goal. He would take a sweet and gorgeous pass form Vladimir Tarasenko and jam it through Ben Scrivens' pads to tie up the game. The score would remain 1-1 as the teams left the ice for the locker room.

Second Period

The Second Period was pretty much a clusterfuck of testosterone and hurt feelings. The period would kick off with a fire lit under the collective asses of the Blues, particularly the line of Vlads Sobotka and Tarasenko with a T.J. Oshie thrown in the mix. The threesome would pick up where they left off the period before and at 5:05 they would take the lead for the first time in the game, with a goal from Senko.

Perron, our lovable French Canadian would get under the skin of virtually every ex-teammate. Alexander Steen in particular would give no fucks about who Perry used to play with and would not put up with his shit. The Blues would find themselves in an unfortunate situation towards the end of the second period as Barret Jackman would take a knee and a skate to the back of the head and would lay motionless in a small puddle of his own blood as play would continue around him. The officials would allow the play to continue per NHL rule 8.1 which puts play stoppage for a injury in the hands of the referees. I felt the injury to be worthy of a immediate stoppage as it was an obvious hit to Jaxx's head and could result in a concussion. Ultimately play would last just long enough for the Oilers to get lucky and score at 18:03. Jaxx would skate off to the locker room for repairs shortly after the tying goal was scored. Needless to say the blue and yellow were livid with the result, none more then goaltender Ryan Miller. The period would end with two penalties being handed out to Steen and Perron, both for roughing, after Steen did not appreciate the hit Perron would lay on him along the boards. Ryan Miller would attempt to discuss a few things in the best way a hockey player can with the official but ultimately be shooed off by the four men in stripes, adding salt in the wound and fuel to the fire as the tie stood 2-2 headed into the second intermission.

Third Period

The third period of tonight's game was pretty much the Return of The STL Blues. The Schwartz had been revved up and prepped for the battle. The period would open up with a goal at :42 from Alex Pietrangelo, he would get a helper from the little spark plug Vladi Sobotka to take the lead, 3-2. Not far behind the third goal would be the fourth from Jaden Schwartz at 4:25. He would get a wicked pass from David Backes to rocket the puck 5 hole and into the basket behind Scrivens.

Tempers would flair as the game became more chippy and chirpy. Ryan Reaves and Edmonton's Luke Gazdic would each earn themselves a 10 minute misconduct and place on the penalty box bench at 6:14, ultimately not stopping them from getting rowdy within the confines of the sin bin. The two would be tossed from the game at 10:33 for failing to keep their chirping to themselves till they were back on the ice. Also at 10:33 David Perron would get a roughing and a hi-stick call after attempting to whack off Osh's face with his stick and being reminded why that is not okay by Sobe. Ultimately 15 penalties, majors and minors, would be handed out through out the entirety of the third period. Through the madness the Blues were able to pull off two more goals. The first coming on the power play at 7:56 from T.J. Oshie. Oshie would get a wrister past Scrivens with the help of Steener and Kevin Shattenkirk. The sixth and final goal would come from Prince William at 12:56, with a backhand shot.

Blues Players of the Game

Vladimir Sobotka
T.J. Oshie
Jaden Schwartz

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