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Friday Links: Vladi-Vladi-Vladi-Yo!

Click your links, don't die today, then enjoy your freakin' weekend!

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Sorry Frenchie - to David Backes, now you're nothing but another Canadian in his way.
Sorry Frenchie - to David Backes, now you're nothing but another Canadian in his way.
Dilip Vishwanat

While putting together today's links, I'm watching Slap Shot 2...if you've never seen it, it's as bad as you imagine - though it'd probably be a lot more fun if I had a few more beers in me.


  • Your Boys in Blue defeated the 9th Circle of Hell itself Edmonton last night by the score of 6-2. If you missed it or want it relived, here's your recap from Ashley, aka, FellowFormerSaluki. [SLGT]
  • For the Oilers fan perspective, here's Copper'n'Blue. Their main complaint? It begins with a "p" and ends with an "iss-poor defense." [Copper'n'Blue]
  • You might have heard that Bobby Plager's favorite "Russian" Vladimir Sobotka made his return last night. The Czech had himself a bit of a night. [STLToday]
  • Perhaps you're still a little leery about cheering for Steve Ott. Well, that's just because you guys haven't gotten to know him yet. The Blues would like to help you do that - for example: did you know that Steve Ott does not have any super powers? Imagine that. [Blues]
  • Remember all those NHL and NHL-product commercials featuring Sidney Crosby against the "Blues?" Well, fellow fans of the Bluenote, those days are over - T.J. Oshie will be featured in his own Enterprise commercial. Rookie sensation/Mayoral candidates grow up so fast. [SLGT]
  • Fun fact: Blues tickets on the second-hand market are the 7th cheapest in the NHL. But that shouldn't mean anything anyway, since they aren't even selling enough first-hand where you even need to buy them second-hand. Get down to the DrinkScotch, you assholes. [Frozen Notes]


  • There were seven games last night, in which teams combined to score...[does math in head...carry the four...]...a bunch of fucking goals. Find out who scored how many. (Other than the ones I'm about to tell you about.) [ 3/13]
  • Eight games tonight, but the big one you should keep your eyes on (assuming you don't have better things to do on the Friday night of spring - which I can assure you, I do not) is Ducks at the Avalanche. [ 3/14]
  • Your standings as they currently...uh...stand...sees the Blues 4 points up on the Ducks for first overall, as well as 6 up on the Avs & 7 up on Chicago in the division. If you happen to think that the President's Trophy means even a little bit, then we're sitting pretty at the moment. [ Standings]
  • Steven Stamkos scored his first goal since his injury last night as the Lightning beat their interstate rival Panthers 5-4. They did it after a light-hearted game of strip shootout in practice. Which of course means that every struggling team in the league will now adopt this idea. How fast would Oshie get Ryan Reaves down to his scivies? Ladies, plan your bachelorette parties at the St. Louis Mills to find out! [Tampa Bay Times]
  • New Sabres goalie Michal Neuvirth made fifty-one saves last night, but Buffalo still lost to the Hurricanes 4-2. [Die By the Blade]
  • Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer came off the bench to help Toronto beat the LA Lakers Kings 3-2, ending their 8-game winning streak. Feel free to blame me for jinxing it later on, but I don't think we have to worry about drawing the Kings in the first round this year. [Knock on Dustin Brown's head.] [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Nathan Horton, whom you may or may not remember is now a Blue Jacket, bought 1,000 tickets to last night's game against the Sharks for Columbus-are police officers, EMTs, and firefighters. Great thing to do...please don't make this a fucking "basketball players are terrible" meme. [SBNation NHL]
  • Can Niklas Kronwall win the Norris Trophy? ...I mean, he probably has a better chance than I do, but not but very much. [Winging It In Motown]
  • At the recent GM Meetings, the league discussed many possible rule changes and/or tweaks, then decided to not do a damn thing. But Jen Neale of Our Puck Father Who Art On Yahoo! Sports has a few suggestions on things they should do. This were obviously meant as tongue-&-cheek, but call me crazy...her first new rule actually sounds like a legitimately good idea to me. Any one else? [Puck Daddy]


  • Go vote for #BUTTGOAL!!! in the finals of the SBNation GIF Tournament - it needs your help to beat out some Washington State dude eating popcorn. Fuck that shit - go vote, then exit out of that window, then go vote again. It's not like you have any real work to do today anyway. [SBNation GIF Tournament]


  • Seriously, you have to go vote for #BUTTGOAL before you can keep going with today's links. I'll wait......
  • Okay, good.
  • Rick (@uiwwildthing) passes along this great little addictive game called 2048. Anytime two squares next to each other have the same number in them, slide them over to add them together in a single square (ei, a 2 square next to a 2 square would be combined for a single 4 square), keep doing that until you get a square worth 2,048. Trust me, it will eat away SO much of your time - which is why I had you go vote for #BUTTGOAL first. See what happens when you trust people? [2048]
  • The St. Louis hipster scene is alive and thriving quite well - so much so that USA Today listed 30 different spots around town to enjoy music, hats, beer, whiskey, tattoos, donuts, vinyl records, and everything else your dirty hipster ass could want to love. You just have to hurry now, before all of these locations become too popular to be cool anymore. In other words, you probably only have a week & a half left, tops. [USA Today]
  • Justin Bieber is Joffrey Baratheon. As I've said before, Patrick Kane is also Joffrey Baratheon, but this article is specifically about how Justin Bieber is Joffrey Baratheon. I'll probably do my own Kane/Joffrey piece later on, but for now here are the 11 pieces of proof for the former. [E! Online]


First up, in today's world, strippers are so passe. The real fantasy is that cute barista that on the corner. I assume Tyler's bachelor party will happen exactly like this.

Today is 3/14, also known as Pi Day. I've never a big math guy, but I can't in good conscious let an obscure almost-holiday go past without marking it with a parody song about it set to a 70's folk song. What kind of person would that make me?

Have any videos not about nerdy shit like Pi and girls who make coffee? I doubt that very much, but I'm open to being proved wrong. Also, other links to I guess.

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  • @JMill1120 (no hyper link - you're all big kids)

It's Friday - get though it without dying, then get your freakin' weekend on!