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Blues At Predators Morning Open Thread: ROAD TRIP

If you're not joining folks on the road trip to Nashville this weekend, Game Time is the next best place to be.

Frederick Breedon

Some of us were able to putter down to Nashville today, so keep your ears peeled tonight on the broadcast for some "Let's Go Blues" being yelled. I'm sure that the very nice and polite Predators fans will be super welcoming to all of us regardless of how loud we are.

The trick is, will the Predators be the same?

They played the Blackhawks last night in a game that, truth be told I don't know the answer to because I wrote this Friday afternoon before leaving for Nashville. But it's against the Blackhawks, so I'm about 100% sure that it wasn't easy and regardless of the outcome, the Preds might be pooped. The Blues have had a day off between their game against Edmonton and tonight, so they'll be well rested.

This is your morning open thread. Grab a bloody mary and hang out for a while - check back later on for a CCR preview, your GDT, and a RBR re-cap, and of course head over to our friend Dirk's blog On the Forecheck and say hello.