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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Nashville Predators, Mar 15, 2014

The Blues and the Nashville Predators duke it out tonight - one team's playing for pride, one for points. Which one has the most motivation?

Seems about right.
Seems about right.
Frederick Breedon

Poor Nashville. They just haven't had the season that they wanted, and not much has gone right. If the Blues win tonight, it makes a season sweep. Will the Preds just be going through the motions? Absolutely not. If there's an opponent that the Blues are more likely to wind up in a one-goal game with, I'd love to meet them.

Games against the Predators are never easy, but they're always fun. A bunch of Game Timers will be driving down (or up, in my case) to take in the Hockey Tonkin' ambiance, and hopefully see a solid game. Please don't make some folks drive five hours to watch a clunker. Please.

This is your GameDay Thread: Comment like you like it, you love it, and you'd really like it if Nashville found a new goal song.

Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.