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Who's Hot Who's Not: Blues vs Jets

A statistical breakdown of the best and worst players historically against the Winnipeg Jets


Who's Hot Who's Not is a statistical breakdown of the best and worst players on the Blues roster when facing their upcoming opponent. This gives the reader an insight into the future by studying trends of the past. Who's Hot Who's Not gives you an idea of who to keep your eye on during the game. It does so by calculating a stat called the Hot Rating. A players hot rating, or HR, is calculated using an algorithm that takes into account a players +/-, points, and games played against each opponent. This article can give you a little more excitement knowing the hottest player is entering the zone with a minute left. It can sink your stomach when the coldest player is taking a wrister from the point instead of passing it. Most of all, it can give you something to read to better educate yourself and give you something to talk about for the upcoming game. More on who's hot and who's not after the jump.

Who's Hot:

Alex Pietrangelo
HR: 137
Games: 8 Points: 7 Plus/Minus: +4
Fresh off his gold medal appearance in Sochi, Pietrangelo is finally taking gold on the hot list. Against the Jets he is racking up points at almost 1 per game. He has 2 goals and 5 assists in his career against the Jets. In 4 games this season, Pietro has 1 goal and 2 assists. In his career he is shooting 11.8% against Winnipeg, but this season he has been shooting a stellar 20%. In his previous game against Nashville, Pietro notched an assist, and a blocked shot. He was +2 on the night.

Alexander Steen
Games: 20 Points: 16 Plus/Minus: +9
Steen made the final goal against the Predators, making it 4-1 Blues. He and his fellow swede Patrik Berglund have been hot since returning from Sochi. Steen scored his 30th goal of the season again the Predators. His father also accomplished that feat, making the duo one of only 3 father son combinations to both score 30 points in the NHL. Steen was the NHL goal leader for the early part of the season until an concussion forced him to miss time. He looks to keep scoring points against Winnipeg where he is historically hot. He has 16 career points against Winnipeg, but he has found the net more often than he has dished the puck. 10 of his 16 points have been goals. This season he has scored 4 goals in 4 games against the Jets, all the while shooting 28.6%

Derek Roy
Games: 31 Points: 35 Plus/Minus: 4
Roy clings onto the final spot in the hot list for a 3rd consecutive week. After dominating the top spot for two, he was narrowly beaten out against the Jets. Roy was scratched against the Preds, making no impact on the game. Against Winnipeg, he is scoring points at a better than 1 per game ratio. He has 13 goals and 22 assists in his career against the Jets. In 4 games this season he has scored 1 goal and has 2 assists. With Tarasenko out with a hand injury, look for Roy to see some extended minutes.

Who's Not:

Maxim Lapierre
Games: 19 Points: 2 Plus/Minus: -7
Maxim finds himself on the wrong list again. Historically he has played poorly against the Jets. This season, he has been more ineffective than a poor player. In 2 games he has 0 points and only 2 shots. He is +/- 0 against the Jets this season. In his career he only shoots 4.2% when facing Winnipeg. Against the Preds he registered only 1 hit with no goals or assists. As of late, he has been getting into the point game with his line getting hot. Lapierre isn't a powerful goal scorer, but he has had more than a few nice dishes this season to set up his teammates to score.

Carlo Colaiacovo
Games: 7 Points: 1 Plus/Minus: -2
Colaiacovo was scratched against the Predators, registering no stats. If history repeats itself, the Blues might be better without Carlo this game. He has only 3 points on the season: 1 goal and 2 assists. He has never scored a goal against Winnipeg, with all 11 of his shots being stopped.

Jaden Schwartz
Games: 4 Points 1 Plus/Minus: -1
Schwartz hasn't played poorly in his career against Winnipeg, but he hasn't been a superstar either. He has only scored 1 point in 4 games, but in his time on the ice he is -1. He is shooting 11.1%, with 1 shot out of 9 finding its way into the net. As of late, Schwartz has been one of the most productive Blues skaters. Expect him to far outplay his spot on the not list. He is a victim of lack of experience.


Ryan Miller
Games: 26 Wins: 13 Save%: .909 GAA: 2.66
Miller played an outstanding game against the Predators, allowing only one goal with a .968 save percentage. He has played 26 games against the Jets with a career line of 13-6-5. With a superior team around him, Miller has lived up to his All-Pro billing. At the time of this post, the goaltender for the Winnipeg game hasn't been announced

Brian Elliott
Games: 11 Wins: 6 Save%: .894 GAA: 2.98
Elliott's save percentage and GAA pale in comparison to Miller. He has won a slightly higher percentage of his games, bringing them even in the hot rating. The difference between the two goalies is the caliber of the teams that have played in front of them. With worse stats, Elliott has managed to win more games with a superior team in front of him.

All player images are via St Louis Blues official site