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Jets vs. Blues GDT - Frozen Flying Things

The Jets have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs now, for some reason. The Blues are looking to get into triple digits in points and expand their lead in the President's Trophy "race". It's also Amateur Night. Who gets least drunk and wins?

Tobias Enstrom will not have to worry about defending Vladimir Tarasenko tonight. Will it matter?
Tobias Enstrom will not have to worry about defending Vladimir Tarasenko tonight. Will it matter?
Dilip Vishwanat

Remember how I warned about St. Patrick's Day being "Amateur Night" in this morning's links? Well, our fearless leader unfortunately didn't heed the advice . . . either that, or as she said, "I'm just here to show the casual drinkers how a pro does it", which I'll allow.

Anyway, you get me for the GDT write-up. Sorry, dudes.

It's been well-noted that the Blues are 19-0-2 in the Central Division this season, and it's also been well-noted that this fact is:

  1. Very good
  2. Insane
  3. Fucking awesome

The Winnipeg Jets, as luck would have it, are a Central Division team. That makes this matchup even better for the Blues. Two problems, though, as it regards the Jets:

  1. One of those losses came to the Jets waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back on October 18th.
  2. The Jets, by some grace of who-knows-what, are back in the playoff race after cashiering Claude Noel and bringing in a guy that actually CAN coach, Paul Maurice. As of right now, the Jets are only four points back of the second (and last) Wild Card spot, currently held by the Dallas Stars, who the Jets defeated 7-2 last night.

However, the Jets will be without Ondrej Pavelec, who injured himself while trying to act like a competent goaltender yesterday. Al Montoya gets the start in goal for Winnipeg. You might be able to guess who's in goal for the Blues. It's that one dude. You might know his name. (Ah, fuck it . . . it's Ryan Miller). The Blues, though, will be without Vladimir Tarasenko (broken hand). Jordan Leopold, who was supposed to be back for this game, is ill and will not play. The Blues may also be missing T.J. Oshie as he witnessed the birth of his baby girl this morning (CONGRATULATIONS, TEEJ!) and may not make it back to the arena in time to play. Everyone with the team has said it's his call. Which is the right thing, obviously.

This is your GDT. It's obviously not in the format you're used to. I don't care. Have a shot of Jameson, a pint of Guinness, some corned beef and cabbage and don't be an amateur on this St. Patrick's Day. Otherwise, have at it . . . within reason.

Also, just know that Hitch's Hat is awesome.

And if you're at the game . . . get yourself a copy of that Game Time rag and tip your vendor.