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Tuesday (Light) Links - Chase Winner Always Gets The Strap

Blues beat Jets, regain Conference III Belt. Not much else. Hockey!

Dilip Vishwanat

Drink beer if you're alive.

  • Official final score is 3-1, despite the fact Chris Porter scored a goal with regulation time still remaining. Fuck it, Jets lost. AshleyAshleyAshley has a recap. [SLGT]
  • T.J. Oshie didn't play because he was busy watching the Mircale Of Life. Congratulations, Teej and Lauren! [Twitter / @OSH74]
  • With the win, the Blues regained the Conference III Title Belt. They defend it next Wednesday against the Blackhawks, and the loser gets the Obscene Alex Conference III Crown of Shit. So this is a big one. [III Communication]
  • Here's Obscene Alex's [Redacted] Recap of the Week That Was Conference III. [III Communication]
  • Four scores yesterday. None were from seven years ago. [ 03/17/14]
  • Twelve games tomorrow. The Blues don't play. YAY. [ 03/18/14]
  • Swedish Chef vs. Gordon Ramsay. GO!



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