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Blues At Blackhawks Morning Open Thread: A Real Rivalry

Tonight's game is featured on NBCSN's Wednesday Night Rivalry. Finally, a good one.

Dilip Vishwanat

Watching TSN's feed of Monday night's game, you might've heard their announcers crowing about how the game ending firesale was how "rivalries were made." Sorry, no.

Rivalries are made through two teams, closely matched more often than not, playing again and again, year after year. Playoff matchups are a must. Hated players are necessary.

None of that describes the Winnipeg Jets' relationship to the St. Louis Blues. All of that describes the Central Division's best rivalry - Blues/Blackhawks.

Fans of each team have had opposition players on their "most hated" lists for years. It's been decades since Ed Belfour has worn his screaming eagle mask, and I still reflexively dislike him. Chris Chellios? Couldn't stand to see him play on the Thrashers (for other reasons, too, like he was old and it was sad). Jeremy Roenick? Not my favorite person. These are all players I have disliked since elementary school. I know for a fact it's the same for Hawks fans with our guys.

That's a rivalry.

This is your morning open thread. Check back for your game preview, some hot or not, your GDT, and a RBR recap. Don't forget, this game's on NBCSN's Wednesday Night Rivalry broadcast. Swing by to see the nice folks at Second City Hockey (they're nice, I promise - they just hate our team) and their take on tonight.

Someone may remind you that Chicago's won two Cups in the last four years. That's fine; what's past is past.