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Beyond Checkerdome: First Place, Second Beer, Third Goalie

Episode 35 is served up, jumbo sized! Legit!

Get Better, Soon, Vova !!!
Get Better, Soon, Vova !!!
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Hello there! We're back with another episode of Beyond Checkerdome. This is a little longer than usual, but is also one of the best episodes we've had. We take some strolls down memory lane, and we cover some recent games ... and injuries are involved everywhere we go. Listen "live" as we learn about the Vladimir Tarasenko injury as we record and get our first reactions. Also, the recent GM meetings, overtimes and shootouts, and an appeal to listeners for their suggestions on a hypothetical situation. All of this, and more!

Give it a listen, eh?

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For a download link, go HERE

As always, we appreciate your support and kind words. We are always looking for feedback, but especially so this week, as we posed a question to you guys. Give your answer down below in the comments, via twitter @ByndCheckerdome, or via email at BeyondCheckerdome AT g mail DOT com. Thanks for letting us be part of the soundtrack to your season. Let us know what else is on your mind, too.


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